Memorabilia exhibition refreshes shared memory

Karen Lai


A rich collection of memorable items from staff and students, relating to the development of CityU since its founding years, is on display in the Library lobby from 25 October through December, to mark the 20th anniversary of the University.


“Every institution has its history, and beyond that, some institutions have a unique spirit and collective memory,” remarked Professor H K Chang, University President, officiating the opening ceremony of the University Memorabilia Exhibition. “The collective memory of an institution is of great significance to the institution’s beliefs, performance and outcomes, which differentiates one institution from another.” 


Conceived six months ago, the Memorabilia Exhibition at the Run Run Shaw Library provides a platform to refresh the memories of staff, alumni and affiliated friends about the University’s developments in the past 20 years. Colleagues and friends can roam around exhibits such as the Memorial Plate that commemorates the renaming of the University by the former Governor Mr Christopher Patten in 1994; samples of City Polytechnic staff and family I.D. cards; the Inaugural Issue of CityPrint, the Students’ Union (SU) newsletter; and phone cards celebrating the 10th anniversary of the University.


CityU memorabilia contribute to sense of history


Behind all the exhibits is the energy of the people who collected and treasured them. “With the enthusiastic support of our departments, alumni and the preparations of the Library staff, we are most grateful to have put these things together for all to enjoy at this exhibition,” said Professor Steve Ching, University Librarian, who joined the University in August this year. “I am privileged to have become part of the University in this anniversary year. We are also grateful to have many long-serving colleagues join us in this special occasion,” Professor Ching said in his welcoming speech.


Officiating the ceremony were: Professor Chang; Mr Andrew Fan, an alumni who joined CityU in 1985 and who is the Former Council Chairman of the SU  (1987); Mr Kevin Chan, the current SU President; and Ms Grace Ho, the Library’s longest serving staff. All of them are part of CityU’s history. Among other guests were long-serving staff, including: Mr John Dockerill, Secretary to Council; Mr Arthur Leung, Director of Campus Planning, Dr Jerry Yu, Chief Information Officer, and Professor Edmond Ko, Vice-President (Undergraduate Education) and Dean of Students. 


“The Library provides a positive environment for the quest for knowledge,”  Professor Chang said. He said that the archives and the learning environment provided by the Library would generate within our hearts a sense of pride, belonging and dedication to the University. “I am glad to see the scope of CityU's achievements within a short span of time, and we have colleagues who have contributed initiatives to the betterment of education,” he added.


The Library began organizing the exhibition in the last academic year. “We invited items from staff and students in the past two semesters. Students, and colleagues from different departments including the Campus Planning Office, Academic Regulations and Records Office, Human Resources Office, and Council Secretariat have offered numerous exhibits for the event,” said Dr Eva Wong, Acting Head of Digital Academic Resources, Library. The more than 90 pieces of memorabilia received from individuals or departments are grouped under three main themes: campus development; the University’s people; and the changes in our academic programmes. From the exhibits, visitors can grasp how CityU transformed from the Mongkok arcade to the present Kowloon Tong campus and how the University’s programmes developed from module systems to credit unit systems.  


Visitors will also have a chance to revisit the University’s history through an array of documentary materials such as seals, postcards, CityU badges, photographs, and letters, from the past two decades. The Library has also set up a CityU Collection in the Semi-closed Collection Area for users’ reference. Some publications in the Collection are also on display in the Memorabilia Exhibition.





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