Recent works by King Chia-lun on display

Audrey Chung


Some 50 pieces of Chinese painting and calligraphy by Hong Kong artist Mr King Chia-lun are now on display at the CityUGallery. “Chinese calligraphy and painting is the crystallization of Chinese culture, which has a long history,” said Mr King at the 16 June opening ceremony of the exhibition titled 'Recent Works by King Chia-lun – Tai-chi Aesthetics'. “Mastery of Chinese calligraphy and painting, therefore, requires not only constant practice, but also a deep understanding of Chinese philosophy,” he added. According to Mr King, creative Chinese calligraphy and painting should be based on the essence of traditional Chinese culture, rather than imitate modern western art with Chinese tools and materials.


A distinguished painter and advocate of Tai-chi aesthetics, Mr King adheres to four essentials: Bi-Mo (strokes and ink-tones), Yi-Jing (mental image and state), Qi-Shi (life-energy and tendency) and Xu-Ling (insubstantiality and activation). His works are holistic, and transcendental, originating in the ontology of the cosmos of ancient China.


The opening ceremony was officiated by Professor Ambrose Y U King, Vice-Chancellor of the ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong, Dr Darwin Chen, Chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, and Professor H K Chang, CityU’s President.


"The exhibition exemplifies Mr King’s commitment to uplifting the value of Chinese calligraphy and painting as part of the cultural heritage", Professor Chang said . "It also shows that CityU, in the previous six years, has made continuous commitment to encourage staff and students to understand Chinese culture through appreciation of different art forms," he added.


Dr Darwin Chen developed a liking for Mr King’s work in the 1960s and recognizes the transformation

in the style and creativity of his works. Mr King is dedicated to enhancing the development of Hong Kong arts and culture and has proposed to establish an art museum in western Kowloon to provide a place for eastern and western art to meet, according to Dr Chen.


The exhibition, organized by CityU’s Cultural and Sports Committee, takes place from 17 to 24 June, to , at CityU Gallery, 6/F Amenities Building.


Mr King will host a talk on “Modern Concepts in Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings” on 19 June, from 3pm to 5pm, at R6052, 6/F, Amenities Building, CityU.




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