IT storage infrastructure upgraded to enhance e-education


CityU has adopted the EMC E-Infostructure, a centralized and consolidated storage system with a capacity of seven terabytes, to manage its ever-growing information demands on teaching, administration and research. The new system, which will accommodate CityU's 25,000 users, is the largest academic networked information infrastructure in Hong Kong.

Implementing EMC's networked storage infrastructure means the University's Computing Services Centre can now handle more complicated information management tasks more efficiently and without hiring extra staff.

CityU's Chief Information Officer, Dr Jerry Yu, said, "Electronic-based education generates vast amounts of information and consumes large volumes of data that can be difficult to manage. The information flood was a challenge for the university's overloaded IT infrastructure." He said there was an urgent need for the University to revolutionize its IT infrastructure, with attention being focused on consolidating information backup.

The Managing Director of EMC Corporation (Greater China and the Philippines), Mr James Hanley, said: "Information is a vital asset to a university like CityU. EMC can help in managing, sharing and protecting the most vital information in a cost-effective way."




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