New scheme to integrate work and learning on campus

Shirley Lam


Starting next semester CityU students will be broadening their horizons and getting more acquainted with the workplace with the launch of the On-campus Service-Learning Scheme.


The Scheme, to be launched in January 2005, aims to provide 1,000 service-learning opportunities to undergraduate students by expanding on-campus part-time employment opportunities and promoting regular full-time job openings during summer term or semester break. The Scheme will be open to all undergraduate students with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5 or above. Students will receive one to two days’ training on basic work attitudes such as punctuality and responsibility before they assume duties.


“We hope that, in addition to academic knowledge, students at CityU will acquire real life working experience and skills that prepare them for work and enhance their long-term professional development,” said Professor David Tong, Deputy President. “The Scheme will also furnish students with cross-discipline knowledge and experiences.” For example, Professor Tong explained, a science student can work in the Faculty of Business; a business student can work in the School of Law; or an engineering student can work in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. That will facilitate their whole person development, he said.


The rapid development of the University, such as the expansion of self-financing programmes, has created a higher demand for manpower support in the academic departments and administrative offices. Participants of the Scheme will assist academic and administrative staff in their research projects and daily office work. "The Scheme will create a win-win situation for both the students and the departments," said Professor Tong. 


Though the University targets 1,000 job openings initially, Professor Tong said , the ultimate number of job assignments will depend on demand  next semester. “If the demand is smaller, we would not create so many job openings. And if the demand is great, we may

consider increasing the quota, but of course subject to the availability of budget,” he added.


Iris Lee, final-year student in the Department of Accountancy, applauded the news. “Since university students are always looking for part-time jobs, we would welcome the University to help arrange the job assignments on campus.”


Lily Lam, first-year student in the Department of English and Communication, was also pleased with the announcement of the proposed Scheme because she will gain valuable working experiences.


The University is currently soliciting information and views from academic and administrative offices to determine the feasibility of the Scheme and the number of job openings.




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