Lecture theatres dedicated to business leaders

Karen Lai


Four lecture theatres were named in honour of six distinguished business people, 6 October, in recognition of their achievements in their respective industries, and their contributions to higher education and to the community. 


The six entrepreneurs in whose honour ceremony was held were: Dr Chan Kei Biu, Managing Director of  Surface Mount Technology (Holdings) Ltd and Chairman of the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association; Dr Lily Chiang, founder of the Lily Chiang Charitable Foundation Ltd and Chairman of Eco-Tek Holdings Ltd; Dr Dennis Sun, a CityU Council Member; Mr Measure Hung, Chairman of the Mobicon Group Ltd; Mr So Yuk-kwan, Chairman of AV Concept Holdings Ltd; and Mr Johnny Yeung, Chairman of Fujikon Industrial Holdings Ltd.  


In addition to their business flair and management skills, the guests share a mission to help develop university education as a means to nurture the future talents of Hong Kong society. At the naming ceremony, Professor H K Chang, CityU President, expressed his gratitude for the donors’ support and sincerity in encouraging students to strive for a better life for themselves and for society. “CityU’s mission is to strive for excellence in professional education and applied research. We are privileged today to have our lecture theatres named after people who are successful practitioners in their industries,” Professor Chang said. “Their support helps provide the best learning environment for our students.”


A dialogue with successful leaders

At the same occasion was a session titled “A Dialogue with Successful Leaders”. Guests were invited to share their insights in higher education and gave advice to CityU students and staff. “We have forged close ties with CityU. We are gratified to collaborate with CityU staff and students, who have manifested their commitment to the success of its industrial placement schemes in Hong Kong and on the mainland,” Dr Chan Kei Biu said. With great enthusiasm for community service and education, Dr Chan has accepted advisory positions at various universities in Hong Kong, including: Chairman of the Electronic Engineering Departmental Advisory Committee, and Honorary Chairman of the Advisory Committee (Industry) at CityU's Cooperative Education Centre. Dr Chan encouraged students to develop clear goals in their academic and career pursuits, and to achieve them with passion and determination.


In support of education as a vital means of society's sustainable growth, Dr Lily Chiang commented that “CityU has a vibrant learning culture. I believe that students can equip themselves well here to face the challenges of the future,” she said. She recommended good preparation to minimize risks and a sincere heart as keys to success.


Dr Dennis Sun encouraged students to be proud of themselves as well as the University. “Hong Kong provides a very good environment for advancement. More exposure and outreach to less developed parts of the world can help youngsters broaden their horizons and prioritize their goals,” he said.   


The lecture theatres (LTs) named after the six business leaders are located in the University Concourse of the Academic Building. They provide arenas for academic activities and ideal venues for seminars and forums. The "CY Sun" LT was named after Dr Dennis Sun's father, Mr Chieh-yeh Sun. The "FAM" LT was

named in recognition of the contributions of three leading listed companies in electronics, namely Fujikon Industrial Holdings Ltd, AV Concept Holdings Ltd, and Mobicon Group Ltd. Commemorative mottos were engraved in the theatres to encourage students to devote themselves to learning and to contribute to society.


Naming the LTs after successful industrialists is a tribute to their continuous and generous support for CityU, in the form of curriculum development, internship programmes, and cooperation in applied research. Committed to providing quality education and technological advancement, the University embraces such collaborative relationships as an integral part of its future roadmap.




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