Engineering and mathematics projects do well in CERG exercise

Shirley Lam


CityU scored first place in the number and level of grant awards in the “Electrical and Electronic Engineering”  and “Mathematics”disciplines in the 2004-05 Competitive Earmarked Research Grants (CERG) exercise.


This year, a total of 106 CityU applications are to be funded for a total of HK$46.5 million, and 81 proposals are regarded as “fundable” by the Research Grants Council (RGC). In line with the reduction in the overall budget of the University Grants Committee (UGC), the total number of projects funded in 2004-05 across the UGC-funded institutions fell from 798 in 2003-04 to 748 in 2004-05, and the funding amount was reduced by 12.7% from HK$462.3 million to HK$403.5 million.  


Of CityU's successful applications, 17 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering will  receive a total of HK$9,753,000, and 11 in Mathematics will receive a total of HK$3,272,000 in funding. The University also placed within the top three in the categories of: Computing Science, Information Technology; Arts and languages; and Law, Architecture, Town Planning and other Professional and Vocational subjects.


“Turbo Equalization of Multiple-input-multiple output (MIMO) Channels”, a project by Professor Li Ping of the Department of Electronic Engineering, received funding of HK$974,719, accounting for the greatest share of the CityU total. Two other projects by the Departments of Building and Construction, and Biology and Chemistry, also were granted funding of over HK$900,000. The Faculty of Science and Engineering fared well with a 75% and 76% share, respectively, in terms of the number and value of grants obtained by the University.


CityU's top funded project titles

Principal Investigators

Turbo Equalization of Multiple-input-multiple output (MIMO) Channels

Professor Li Ping, Department of Electronic Engineering

Functional Studies of In Vivo HIF (Hypoxia-inducible Factor) Transcription Factor Complexes in Grass Carp by Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) Techniques

Dr Richard Kong Yuen-chong, Department of Biology and Chemistry

Retrofitting of Square/Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Columns by Partial Interaction Plating

Dr Wu YufeiDepartment of Building and Construction






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