Forum: an equal economic partnership

Shirley Lam


The mainland and Hong Kong must work hard to ensure that both sides benefit from any future economic partnerships, otherwise such ventures will not flourish, concurred the speakers at a recent CityU forum on regional economics.

The economic forum, Close Economic Partnership Arrangement --- Mainland and Hong Kong, took place on 5 February and was organized by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Study Centre of the Faculty of Business. Participants included Professor Oliver Yau, Associate Dean of the Faculty and Chair Professor of the
; Dr Jun Ma, Director and Senior Economist of Deutsche Bank Hong Kong; Dr Peter K W Fong, Principal Program Director, SPACE of the University of Hong Kong; and Dr Charles Li Kui-wai, Coordinator of the APEC Study Centre and Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance. Among the topics discussed were the advantages, obstacles and prospects of a close economic partnership arrangement between the mainland and Hong Kong.

This economic relationship would make it easier for Hong Kong to do business with the mainland -- but China must also benefit from the arrangement or there will be no continuation of the relationship, said DR Fong. "It is therefore important to create a situation for both sides to get something in return. Any relationship has to be win-win," he said.

The economic forum is the first of a series to be held by the APEC Study Centre this year. An upcoming one on Budget 2002-2003 will take place in March.





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