Maths students win awards in mainland contest


Six undergraduate students from the Department of Mathematics have won awards in a mainland national contest. The annual contest organized by the China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (CSIAM) in September this year, attracted 3,800 team-entrants from top universities throughout the country. CityU students entered the event as two teams and eventually obtained two awards: a first-class ranking and a second-class ranking.

During the contest, both teams worked on a mathematical modelling problem to determine the shape of blood vessels, using data collected from medical images, within a short time frame of 72 hours.



One team, comprising students Eva Lee, Ken Leung and Sophy Mak, under the supervision of Dr Jonathan Wylie , Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, received the first class ranking. The other team, with students Sam Chi Ngai, Wang Zhong Ming and Lin Li Ming supervised by Dr Benny Hon , Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, obtained the second class ranking. The results were announced by the Secretary of the National Organizing Committee in early November.





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