Student Ambassadors: CityU's missionaries to the world

Laura Lam


Eighteen Student Ambassadors have been recruited this year to continue promoting the University's image while enhancing community relations through learning and serving. "They are not just representing our University—they are our University," said Professor Edmond Ko, Vice-President of Education and one of the programme advisors, at the fourth Student Ambassadors Inauguration Ceremony on 5 March.

Many students who join the programme find themselves becoming deeply rooted in the spirit of the University. For example, Vivian Chiang, from last year's crop of Student Ambassadors, said she found the experience meaningful because it enhanced her knowledge and sense of belonging to CityU.

Recent services performed by Student Ambassadors included receiving staff and students from Zejiang University in mainland China and helping out with the exhibition, "Money in Hong Kong", which was organized by the Student Ambassadors Programme and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

Upcoming events include, once again, CityU Thank You Week on 19 March, when CityU students express gratitude towards their teachers.

The Student Ambassadors Programme was launched in 1997 by the Student Leadership and Development Team of Student Development Services. Ambassadors chosen receive community relations instruction that includes training camps, workshops, and an overseas tour under the supervision of programme managers and advisors. This helps broaden students' social exposure, international outlook and life experience.





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