20 years captured on a stamp pane

Regina Lau


CityU presents a collectors’ item to commemorate its 20th anniversary—a stamp pane capturing various milestones in the University’s development: from its early days in a temporary campus in Mongkok, to its recent announcement to build the Creative Media Centre at
Cornwall Street
. It is now available at CityU’s Cut Price Shop at HK$150.


The stamp pane comes in a selection of 16 images representing the various landmark developments at CityU; each is attached to a local postage stamp. It is encased in a hard cover folder highlighting the theme of “University of a WorldCity”.

Some of the selected milestones include the First Academic Awards Ceremony in 1986; laying of foundation stone by the then Governor, Sir David Wilson in 1987; acquiring University status and a new logo in 1994; the first Cultural Festival in 1996; establishment of the School of Creative Media in 1998; admission of the first batch of mainland students in 1999; CityU joining Shenzhen Virtual University Park in 2000; public listing of TeleEye Holdings Ltd in 2001; opening of the Student Hostel at Cornwall Street in 2002; and the 10th anniversary of the Teaching Excellence Awards in 2003, etc.


“It is no easy task to represent 20 years history in 16 images,” said Acting Director of Communications Office, Mrs Betty Chan, a member of the 20th Anniversary Working Group on Publications and Publicity. “We want to present CityU as a dynamic institution well-connect to Hong Kong and to the world. So, in this selection we want to highlight both the ‘hardware’ and ‘software’. We include the infrastructure, such as the Student Hostel; as well as the ambience, such as the Cultural Festival.”


The 20th anniversary stamp pane is both an item of memory and a collectible.  There is only a limited stock of about 300 copies available for sale at the Cut Price shop.  Do make your purchase before it is too late.






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