'Citywalker' on the move for charity

Karen Lai


“Twenty of us will cross the finishing line at the same time, signifying that we are proud of CityU’s achievements in the past 20 years and will stride ahead for our future,” said alumnus Dr Bryan Wong, Chairman of CityU's  Proud of 20 Organizing Committee. 'Proud of 20' is a group formed by the Students' Union, the Postgraduate Association, the Staff Association and the Alumni Association. With a mission "Not to be naive; To be considerate; To be equipped against all odds and over highlands pari passu" members of the group decided to reach out to the community by forming 'Citywalker'. 


'Citywalker' comprises some 'Proud of 20' alumni, staff, and students, with a mission to complete the 100 km MacLehose Trail and raise HK$200,000 for the annual Oxfam TrailWalker. Twenty finalists will be selected to take up the challenge of the walk taking place from 5 to 7 November. “The theme 'Proud of 20' represents our tribute to the University’s achievements,” Dr Wong said.


To Dr Wong, the challenge had already begun when he took up planning and organizing the event in February. “Up to now, we have recruited about 80 people, who will contribute either as walkers, or as helpers  in logistics, planning, or on-site support. At the start of a new academic year, we hope even more staff and students will join the 'Proud of 20' group.” In particular, he encourages teaching staff to motivate students to support the event.


Among the core members, many are veteran walkers: Mr Patrick Lee, Chairman of the CityU Alumni Association, has participated in the TrailWalker three times. This year he opted to join the 'Citywalker' team and volunteered with alumnus Mr Matthew Chong to coach them. “Hiking together in a group of 20 is a challenge,” Patrick said.



The team, comprising both experienced and “green” participants, conducted intensive hiking and physical exercises in August. “Participants have built up their confidence and strengths; we are in high spirits,” Patrick said. Coaching focusses more on hiking skills and teamwork, rather than on physical

strength. Usually, the Oxfam Trailwalker has teams of four members each. “In our case, hiking in a group of 20 requires more understanding, mutual support, and endurance,” he explained. The team will do a 24-hour, 50 km overnight trial walk from Pak Tam Au to Tsuen Kam Au 18 to19 September to help participants familiarize themselves with the route and consolidate the participants’ sense of unity.


'Proud of 20' was initiated by the CityU Alumni Association, which then joined hands with the Students’ Union, CityU Postgraduate Association, and the Staff Association for full mobilization. The Organizing Committee will invite Council Chairman Sir Gordon Wu to be the Honorary Advisor for the event. Veteran runner Mr Kingston Sun, Facilities Manager of the Facilities Management Office, is supporting the team as logistics planner. He called for more help in areas like first aid, transport, and volunteers to join the cheering teams. Members and friends are also welcome to provide assistance in training, marketing, sponsorship, on-site support, and publicizing the event for donations.     


The “Proud of 20” finalists selection criteria will be based on the members’ co-operation, support, and physical abilities. A kick-off ceremony will be held at the CityU Banquet in late October to officially announce their pledge to participate.


For enquiries and enrolment, please visit the website of "Proud of 20" at www.citywalker.org



Grace Ho contributed to this article.




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