Work together to enhance campus ambiance

Peter Ho, Theresa Fox and Grace Ho, with contributions from Shirley Lam, Regina Lau and Karen Lai


People around are making deafening noise. Somebody sleeps like a dog on a public sofa. Lunch boxes and drinks are spread on top of the little round tables, with groups of people sharing the food.



Would you want to study in such an environment? Would you be proud of such a campus?



You must have noticed the many changes as different parts of the campus have been renovated over the past two years: beautified pedestrian subway, two new covered walkways, enlarged pedestrian entrance, upgraded classrooms, and a more spacious Level 4 Mall.



The campus alternations and refurbishments, courtesy of the Ambiance Improvement Project, are some of the recommendations made by the Task Force on Intellectual Ambiance in accordance with the goals laid down in the University's strategic plan. "Through these renovation works, we want to create a harmonious, user-friendly environment and a stimulating intellectual ambiance, so that staff and students can have more space where they can interact socially and develop a sense of belonging towards the University," said Mr K Y Wong , Director of the Facilities Management Office (FMO).



However, the physical building alone cannot generate the right intellectual ambiance. It is the people and their activities that create the proper ambiance. In order to follow through with the intended objectives of the Ambiance Improvement Project, the FM" would like to seek the cooperation of all staff and students in following these rules when using the Mall:



The Purple Zone Atrium is specifically reserved for carrying out education- or research-related activities. It is open for bookings on a first-come-first-served basis. (Other areas in the Mall will not be available for these activities.)



No food will be allowed in the Mall except light refreshment and drinks.



The FM" will stop/remove all noisy or obstructive activities/items that affect other users in enjoying the quiet environment and its facilities.



As members of the University community, we all share the responsibility to maintain a quiet, comfortable, clean and tidy campus environment for all users. Let's work together to enhance the academic ambiance of our campus and improve the image of CityU as a reputable educational institution.






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