Student reporters graduate

Regina Lau


Two former Linkage student reporters received their bachelor degree awards this year. Ms Casey Chow and Ms Coan Wong, graduates of the BA in English for Professional Communication, succeeded in landing jobs in the field of journalism right after finishing their programme of study. They said that the experience of working for our University Publications Office (PUO) helped a lot in the job hunting process. 

"We were really lucky to have the opportunity to report and write for real publications. When people saw our bylines in Linkage and the CityU Today website, they were very impressed. It gave us an edge over other fresh graduates in our job search," said Ms Chow, who's working as an editorial assistant for an exhibition company.

"I think practical experience really counts, not only in job hunting, but also in whole-person development. You become a more mature person through interaction with other people, and through the myriad setbacks and accomplishments of everyday working life," said Miss Wong, a sub-editor for a Chinese newspaper.

Their final year project, a promotion campaign for the Matilda Hospital, was another unforgettable learning experience. "It's so gratifying when people buy your ideas."

They also enjoyed the lectures and the interaction with teachers and fellow students in their programme of study. Taking a day off for congregation, they had a full schedule: visiting former teachers, yum-cha with PU" colleagues and photo taking with family members and fellow students. "In our busy lives, congregation is such a good opportunity to meet up with old friends. We're going to take a lot of photos today that we'll cherish for the rest of our lives!"




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