World-renowned environmentalist at CityU

Regina Lau


A highly-acclaimed expert on environmental sciences and a seminal figure in the development of China's environmental protection policies delivered a lecture on the development of world environmental protection in CityU's Distinguished Lecture Series on 14 November.

Professor Qu Geping, a member of the Standing Committee and Chairman of the Environmental Protection and Resources Conservation Committee of China's National People's Congress and Chairman of the China Environmental Protection Foundation, spoke about global green development and the history of environmental protection policies in China.

Officiated by the Hong Kong SAR Secretary for Environment, Transport and Works, Dr Sarah Liao, Professor Qu's speech, "Environmental Protection in China Today ---- The Road from Stockholm to Johannesburg", attracted an audience of environmental academics and green experts in Hong Kong, including Ms Mei Ng, Director of Friends of the Earth, Mr Ho King Chung, President of Green Power, and Mr Ng Cho Nam, Director of the Conservancy Association.

In his talk, Professor Qu sketched the development of world environmental protection, marked by the three landmark conferences on environment and development in Stockholm in 1972, Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and Johannesburg in 2002. "The road from Stockholm to Johannesburg, spanning 30 years, is a remarkable milestone in human civilization," Professor Qu said. "It marks a gradual transition from industrial civilization to environmental civilization."

Referring to the path of environmental protection in China, Professor Qu said that based on environmental protection experience both at home and abroad, he had originated and developed environmental initiatives suitable for the Chinese situation. His measures integrated environmental protection policies with economic and industrial development strategies.

Professor Qu has devoted himself to the development of China's environmental policies, laws and management, administrative organizations, research institutions and education since attending the 1972 UN Conference on Human Environment in Stockholm as a member of the Chinese government delegation.

Senior Adviser on sustainable development to the UN Secretary General, Professor Qu is the recipient of numerous international prizes and awards, including the Sasakawa Award in 1992 and Japan's International Blue Planet Prize in 1999. He was conferred Honorary Doctor of Science by CityUniversity at its 17th Congregation on 13 November 2002.





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