CityU hosts Milli World

Regina Lau


A stunning collection of microscopic carvings and calligraphic pieces—a strand of hair on which is carved a famous Tang Dynasty poem, for example—is on display at CityU Gallery until 1 September.

The exhibit features the work of micro-carving master, Mr Wang Jiang An, who visited the launch ceremony on 8 August and demonstrated his craft on the spot. Asked by amazed spectators how he could carve such tiny characters—which are imperceptible to the eye without a magnifying glass—he said: "I do it by instinct." Among the pieces on display are a piece of ivory the size of a grain of rice featuring an 1,300-word essay by Chinese philosopher Zaun Zi, and a chopstick that depicts a classic Chinese painting reflecting life in a prosperous city of the Song Dynasty.

Apart from scriptures, classic poems and paintings, Mr Wang's inspiration also comes from personal experience. Mr Wang is the Director of Art Department of the Sichuan Research Institute for International Practical Art. In 1996, he was honored by UNESCO for his contributions to Chinese culture and his works have been exhibited in more than 30 countries.





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