Planting seedlings through Wellness March

Karen Lai


Staff and students opened this year's Wellness March activities by planting a peepul tree and rosa hybrida seedlings on the university hillside trail.

"Recent technological advances in communications don't eliminate misunderstandings between people and different cultures," said Professor Y S Wong, Vice President (Institutional Advancement) and Chairman of the Cultural and Sports Committee at the opening ceremony on 28 February. "That's why we chose the slogan hands across the water for this year's cultural

festival. We want to bring different ethnic groups of the world together." Speaking at the same occasion, Professor Edmond Ko, Vice President (Education) and Dean of Students, paid tribute to students and colleagues for their participation.

The seedling adoption campaign is a fund-raising activity that advances both peace and charity. Participants help beautify the campus while assisting World Vision Hong Kong China Fund help impro

ve the lives of Chinese children and villagers living in poverty. A perennial event of the cultural festival, the Wellness March promotes a healthy and positive approach to life through activities such as health and fitness exhibitions, workshops, guest talks, visual art exhibitions, hiking and adventure camps.




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