Investigation Committee for the CityU Sports Hall Incident

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To editors:
City University of Hong Kong (CityU) was shocked by the collapse of a roof on part of its sports complex on 20 May 2016 as the safety of our students and staff is always our foremost priority.  We particularly regret the injuries sustained by some of our staff and the disruptions that the incident has caused for our campus community.
CityU fully understands the need to understand as soon as possible how and why this incident occurred so that we can assure our community that our campus will continue to be a safe place to study and work.
To this end, CityU President Professor Way Kuo has formed an Investigation Committee (IC) for the CityU Sports Hall Incident. The IC membership and terms of reference, on which the committee members have agreed, are provided below.
The IC is holding its first meeting on Monday morning, 23 May 2016, and aims to provide a preliminary report by 6 June 2016.
Membership List:
1.          Professor Paul LAM Kwan-sing, Vice-President and Chief-of-Staff (Chairman, IC)
2.          Professor CHUNG Kwok-fai, Associate Head, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
3.          Mr Dominic PANG Yat-ting, CityU Council Member (to be confirmed)
4.          Professor Horace IP Ho-shing, Vice-President (Student Affairs)
5.          Professor Matthew LEE Kwok-on, Vice-President (Development and External Relations)
6.          Mr MAK Hoi Wah, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Social Sciences
7.          Miss WEI Jin-jin, President, City University of Hong Kong Postgraduate Association
8.          Mr LEE Chak-hin, Acting President, City University of Hong Kong Students’ Union
Secretary: Mrs Peggy WONG, Secretary to Management Board
Terms of Reference:
1.          To investigate the surrounding circumstances and identify the contributing factors leading to the incident of the roof collapse on 20 May 2016;
2.          To examine and review if the procedures adopted for the green roof project of the Chan Tai Ho Multi-purpose Hall were in compliance with existing policies and regulations;
3.          To examine and identify if there were irregularities in awarding the contract and execution process, and in the subsequent internal management and implementation of the project;
4.          To make recommendations to the University on follow-up actions, based on the  investigation findings, with a view to preventing similar incidents in the future; and
5.          To examine other matters that may be relevant to the foregoing.
Media enquiries:
CityU Communications & Public Relations Office Ms Karen Cheng (Tel: 3442 6805 or 9201 8895) or Ms Terry Lam (Tel: 3442 5228 or 6183 0947)


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