Scholarships help mainland ethnic minority students at CityU

Christina Wu

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Five outstanding mainland students belonging to ethnic minority groups and studying at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) received special scholarships on 26 October 2011.

The Dr Alice Cheng Ethnic Unity Scholarship, set up with a generous donation from Dr Alice Cheng Chang Yung-tsung, encourages outstanding ethnic minorities in remote areas of the mainland to study in Hong Kong. The aim is to help them acquire a global mindset and professional knowledge.

The five scholarship recipients—Bayaer, Suolinga and Cao Anran (Mongol), Wumaier Xializhati (Uyghur) and Zuo Mengge (Xibe) —are from Xinjiang. They thanked Dr Cheng for her generous donation and pledged to do their best to contribute to China in the future.

“We should do something for the Xinjiang people and minority groups in mainland China,” Dr Cheng said. “The five students can take the knowledge they acquire at CityU back to their regions so they can contribute to national unity and harmony.”

Dr Cheng said she was greatly concerned about Xinjiang following several visits to the region. She hoped all ethnic groups in mainland China can unite together.

Officials from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region visiting CityU had lunch with Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, Dr Cheng and scholarship recipients. They also toured facilities on campus to understand more about CityU’s latest development and students’ study life.

The visitors included Mr Tursun Turhun, Vice Director of the Higher Education Division, Ms Wang Lili, Director of the Office for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs, Ms Liu Qianru, Chief of the College Enrollment Section Admissions Office at the Department of Education of Xinjiang, and Mr Zhang Dengwei, Chief of General Office at the Administration of Xinjiang Students in Inner Provinces of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

The students receive HK$160,000 a year for tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses from the Dr Alice Cheng Ethnic Unity Scholarship. They may also apply for subsidies for overseas exchanges (for one semester) as well as training and counseling services related to their studies.

Zuo Mengge and Wumaier Xializhati said they would not have been able to come to study in Hong Kong without the scholarship and that they would work hard to fulfill the objectives of the scholarship.

All five students have now adapted to university life. “I like the fact that students are encouraged to freely exchange and discuss ideas and take the initiative. I enjoy the rich campus and hostel life, too, and the students, teachers and wardens here are all very friendly,” Bayaer said.

Suolinga said she would strive to acquire professional and practical knowledge for her future work and integration with the global society. She also wished to take part in CityU’s exchange programme and study in the US to broaden her vision. Cao Anran said he was grateful to CityU’s teachers for their loving care and support.

CityU admitted 15 mainland students from ethnic minority groups in mainland China this year, an increase of 8 over last year. Representing 7.6% of all mainland students admitted to CityU, these students come from seven provinces and autonomous regions, and belong to the Bai, Buyei, Hui, Manchu, Mongol, Tujia, Uyghur, Xibe, Yi and Zhuang ethnic groups.


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