Think-tank chief talks about land of opportunity

the Alumni Civility Hall

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Speaking at the annual High Table Dinner of the Alumni Civility Hall of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) on 24 March, the Chairman of the Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre, Mr Anthony Wu Ting-yuk, told 120 CityU students and alumni that Hong Kong is still a land full of opportunities for three reasons: first, its excellent institutions like the rule of law, freedoms, and “one country, two systems”; second, the dramatic economic growth of the mainland China; and third, Hong Kong’s ability to nurture talents of all kinds.

Asked by a final year student in accountancy why he has been so successful in his profession as a leading accountant in Hong Kong, Mr Wu said: “Work hard, and luck will then follow you.” Mr Wu, the former Chairman and now Senior Advisor of Ernst & Young Far East, one of the big four in the accounting field, believes that the same can be said of Hong Kong.

“With all the challenges we are now facing in the world, Hong Kong people must not be complacent. The strengths of our hardware, i.e. our institutions, are there, and we must work hard to continuously develop and improve our software, i.e. the people, in order to keep Hong Kong as a land of opportunity,” he said. He reminded students of the importance of broadening their horizons, saying, “Improve your language skills, learn Mandarin and other languages. Go to China to witness its development, go to see the world.”

Before the dinner, Mr Wu toured the Student Residence with Professor Paul Lam Kwan-sing, Vice-President (Student Affairs), Ms Rebecca Chan Po-yu, Director of the Student Residence Office, and Dr Cheung Chor-yung, Residence Master of the Alumni Civility Hall. This was the first time Mr Wu visited the Student Residence and he was highly impressed by its ambiance and facilities.

In his welcoming speech at the High Table Dinner, Dr Cheung said: “In our Student Residence, we have students from many parts of the world, living together and learning together. We bring our students to the community and the community to our Residence. It is through these interactions that students acquire the intellectual and moral habits that allow them to contribute to society.”

The dinner was also the occasion for the inauguration ceremony for the Fourth Residents Association of the Alumni Civility Hall.


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