High table dinner to broaden students' horizon

Patrick Chan Robin, Residence Tutor of Lee Shau Kee Hall

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Lee Shau Kee Hall was privileged to have Professor Joseph Sung Jao-yiu, the incoming Vice-Chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, as the guest of honour for this year’s High Table Dinner on 2 March.


Professor Sung shared his views on the post-80s dilemma confronting Hong Kong and its effect on university education. He stressed the importance of whole person development and an awareness of current affairs. He also voiced his concern regarding post-80s students being too career-orientated rather than obtaining knowledge beyond the classroom.


“In order to drive society towards a better and brighter future, students of all backgrounds should engage in discussions about current affairs,” said Professor Sung, who believed independent thinking is crucial. “Post-80s students should have their own points of view while being open to different opinions. Ideas from every age group and sector are beneficial, but only if constructive and well-intended.” Professor Sung’s talk ended with an interactive question and answer session with hall residents.

This annual event was organised b

y the Lee Shau Kee Hall Residents Association and brought together more than 140 past and current hall residents. As part of the Lee Shau Kee Hall’s focus on widening the exposure of its residents, every year famous guests are invited to the High Table Dinner. Guests of honour in previous years have included Mr Peter Kam Pui-tat and Dr Chan Yan-chong.


Other highlights of the evening included music and magic performances by its residents, culminating with the hall’s annual tradition of taking a group photo. The evening was a huge success for all involved and set a new benchmark for future high table dinners across City University of Hong Kong.


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