Students take lead on education, employability

Zoey Tsang

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More than 100 university students from the mainland, Australia, Turkey, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Pakistan, Malaysia and Hong Kong assembled at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) on 1 June for the six-day Student Leadership Conference 2009.

The conference, “University education and employability”, was opened on 2 June by officiating guests Dr Glenn Shive, Director of Hong Kong-America Centre, Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, Professor Paul Lam Kwan-sing, Vice-President (Student Affairs), and Mr Joseph Chan Kai-nin, Director of Student Development Services.

Professor Kuo encouraged students to hold on to their dreams. “With creativity and integrity, you will make your dreams come true. Through its focus on academic achievement, career development and a global mindset, CityU helps students achieve their goals,” he said.

Veteran educators and human resources experts were invited to share with students their views on the direction of university education and provide tips on applying for jobs. Among them were Dr Jerry Gaff, Senior Scholar from the Association of American Colleges and Universities, his partner Dr Julia Gaff, Mr Ivo Hahn, Greater China Region Managing Director of Stanton Chase International, and Dr J Scott Lee, Executive Director of ACTC Liberal Arts Institute at St Mary’s College of California.

Each stressed the importance of liberal education in today’s knowledge-based economy. To achieve career success, one should possess not only professional skills but also a broad knowledge base. They suggested students should focus on developing proficiency in writing, thinking and listening skills. Before applying for a job, they should dedicate time to learning all about it and carefully consider whether the position is suitable for them.

The ninth annual conference is part of CityU’s 25th anniversary programme. The conference was organised solely by CityU students, with support from Student Development Services. In addition to leadership forums and training, students attended a dinner with local social and business leaders. They also visited a number of renowned local corporations.

This year’s conference received sponsorship from many CityU alumni, including Mr Andrew Fan Ka-fai, President of the Greater China Region for Nu Skin Enterprises, Mr David Chiu Kwok-lee, Managing Director of Ryowo Holding Company, Mr Weeky Peter Wong Sau-lik, Executive Director of Shinhint Acoustic Link Holdings, and Mr Wong Po-wai.

Mr Fan has made several donations to the University over the years and said he harboured a particular interest in CityU’s student leadership training. “Leadership training is an essential part of student development. I hope this year’s conference can yield fruitful results and participating students will benefit greatly from it,” he said.


Mr Chiu said, “Leadership is the key to career success. I am glad to be able to help CityU students and hope they can take the opportunity to add value to their own skills base.”

On the morning of 2 June, Professor Lam, Mr Chan and conference participants officiated at the unveiling of campus decorations for the CityU 25th anniversary. The giant poster hoisted at the centre of the campus and other decorations around the campus have added to the festive atmosphere.


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