Student ambassadors take pledge to promote their university

Ellen Chan

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“We pledge to promote the image of CityU, strengthen its community relations, foster a sense of belonging among members of the University and commit ourselves to achieving whole person education.” This was the pledge made by 30 new student ambassadors for the coming year at the
inauguration ceremony of the 12th Student Ambassadors Programme held by the Student Development Services of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) on 20 February.

Professor Paul Lam Kwan-sing, Vice-President (Student Affairs), pointed out at the ceremony that the prerequisite of an outstanding student ambassador is to have a sincere pride in CityU. They should be able to promote to the public the outstanding achievements of the University in the areas of academic research and teaching quality as well as the distinguished performance of students and staff. Professor Lam added that students are one of the most valuable assets of the University. Due to their significant influence among peers, he hoped student ambassadors could become role models for their fellow students.

"I hope you not only achieve outstanding academic results and acquire professional knowledge, but also develop your creativity and a global vision. Moreover, I hope you become a highly responsible professional with a strong work ethic," said Professor Lam.

The retiring ambassadors received certificates from Mr Joseph Chan Kai-nin, Director of Student Development Services, in recognition of their contribution to promoting CityU last year.

Eric Tse Yiu-hong, a Year 1 student from the Department of Economics and Finance, is one of the new student ambassadors and chairman of the inauguration ceremony organising committee. He spent much time working with the other six committee members arranging the ceremony, including designing the programme rundown, publishing the programme booklet and inviting guests. During this process, he developed with the other members the team spirit that stemmed from helping each other. The publication of the programme booklet taught him to be patient and careful about proofreading the text as well as the delicate art of delegating to get the most from available manpower. “The experience of organising this function helped me develop interpersonal skills and understand the numerous roles to assist in planning the work schedule,” said Eric.

Manda Fung Yuk-ting, a Year 1 student in the Associate of Arts in Translation and Interpretation programme, is another new student ambassador. She joined the programme as she liked to take part in voluntary services and wanted to make more friends at CityU. After participating in the programme, she gained confidence and developed a stronger sense of responsibility. “My sense of belonging to CityU has grown since taking part in the various activities and learning more about the University,” said Manda.

Vincent Ha Hiu-fai, a Year 3 student from the Department of Marketing, has finished his term as a student ambassador. The experience improved his communication skills and adaptability. “My fellow student ambassadors and I encountered many difficult problems, but ultimately we solved them one by one. These university experiences will become fond memories in the future,” he said.

Launched in 1997, the Student Ambassadors Programme nurtures students’ holistic development and enhances their sense of belonging to the University through providing services on campus and promoting CityU to the public. More than 200 students applied for the programme this year and only 30 were selected after a series of rigorous assessments. They received comprehensive training before performing duties such as receiving guests at the University’s major functions, introducing and promoting CityU to public and overseas bodies and participating in community service.


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