Academic faculty consulted over new salary package

Sharon Ng

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City University of Hong Kong (CityU) plans to recruit an additional 150 academic staff in anticipation of the new four-year curriculum structure to be implemented by 2012. In view of this, the Working Group on Review of Remuneration Package (Working Group) was set up in May this year, with the objective to assist in reviewing and enriching the remuneration package of the University.

The Working Group is chaired by Professor Richard Ho Yan-ki, University Provost. Its members include Ms H M Tong, External Member of Human Resources Committee, Dr Ellen Ko Law Yin-lan, Vice-President (Administration), Professor (Chair) Wei Kwok-kee, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Professor (Chair) Frances Yao Foong, Head of the Department of Computer Science, Professor (Chair) Ng Sik-hung, Department of Applied Social Studies, and Mrs Eva Ng Li Yee-wah, Acting Director of the Human Resources Office.

The Working Group recently recommended more than 10 new proposals in regard to the remuneration for academic staff. It also held an open forum on October 21 to explain the proposals in detail to the staff and solicit opinions and feedback from them on the spot. In addition to the open forum, the Working Group has been consulting with faculty of the various departments in the hope of reaching consensus on the new package.

Professor Ho first gave the background of the new remuneration package to the staff attending the open forum. He pointed out that it was necessary to review the current remuneration conditions to improve CityU’s competitiveness and recruit the world’s top talent to strengthen CityU as a leading institution for teaching and research. The proposed remuneration package will apply to newly recruited academic staff. Upon renewal of their contracts, existing academic staff can also opt for the new package at different phases.

Professor Ho said the feedback collected through the forum was of great help to the Working Group and the Human Resources Office in their future reviews of the new remuneration package. “The Working Group will review the remuneration package of non-academic staff in the next stage. We are going to refer to colleagues’ feedback in the review and remain open to further suggestions,” he said. Professor Ho will also invite the faculty to express their doubts and concerns in group meetings.

The Human Resources Office will continue to collect opinions and feedback. The staff may express their opinions or browse the executive summary of the proposed remuneration package, and the full text on the Human Resources Office webpage, until 3 November.


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