President's blog bolsters communication with CityU community

Scarlett Leung

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Since assuming the presidency of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) in May, Professor Way Kuo has placed a strong emphasis on communicating openly with students, staff and alumni. In a bold initiative, he will be sharing his thoughts and viewpoints with the CityU community via a blog launched on 17 September.

“In addition to face-to-face contact, I wish to explore another communication channel on the internet to enhance understanding between students, staff and alumni. Through the blog platform, we can freely express our opinions and share feelings and views at any time,” said Professor Kuo.

As the first Hong Kong university president to launch a blog, Professor Kuo will regularly post his opinions on different issues, including the future development of university education and research and details of his work, hobbies and experiences.

Professor Kuo opened his blog at the beginning of the new academic year by extolling CityU to make an international impact with its applied research and teaching. He encouraged members of the University to strive for their best in research and teaching areas that relate to the needs of society, in a bid to develop CityU as a world-class institution.

“The University has always striven to build a close relationship with its staff, students and alumni and encourage them to express their views on CityU’s development. We understand that a successful organisation should keep itself open to different views and opinions and the valuable input of staff and alumni will definitely enhance the administration of the University,” added Professor Kuo.

To visit Professor Kuo’s blog, you may simply go to the CityU website and click on the pages for Current Students, Staff or Alumni, where a banner will direct you to the “Way to Kuo Blog”.

In addition to launching a blog, Professor Kuo has also set up a group named “Way Cool” on the social website Facebook to maintain close contact with the community of CityU.

To join the “Way Cool” group on Facebook, follow the registration procedures below:

1. Sign up for a Facebook account (by using CityU’s email account for registration);

2. Log in;

3. Input “Way Cool” in the Group Search;

4. In the Way Cool group, click “Join this Group” to join in.

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