CityU graduate's invention helps reduce missing cases of the elderly

Jenny Kwan

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In view of the increasing number of cases involving the elderly or disabled getting lost, Mr David Cheung Wai-sun, a master graduate of the School of Creative Media (SCM) at City University of Hong Kong (CityU), invented a detection system dubbed the "High Sensitivity Field Interference Wander Detector" to help locate such people.

The system comprises two parts: a 2.5cm long metal alloy needle worn by the person under monitoring, and a high-sensitivity field interference detector installed at the door of the person's residence. Once the resident passes through the doorway, the detector emits a sound that alerts the nurses.

David had to overcome some initial design obstacles in order to lower the production cost and make it more applicable. The system has now been successfully installed in six local elderly homes and is undergoing the patenting process.

David has maintained his interest in electrical devices since childhood, when he loved to tear apart and rebuild the appliances at home. "Studying at SCM equips me to develop the creativity that plays a key role in the formulation of my invention," he said.

Discussing how he might apply his inventiveness in the future, David said he would continue to work toward his dream of becoming an inventor. "I wish my innovations can help the public from all walks of life," he said.

David, 48, has always promoted life-long learning. Despite dropping out of school when he was in Form 2, he continued studying independently and became a full-time student again in 2002, studying a bachelor course at CityU's SCM and graduating with first class honours. He continued his studies by completing his Master of Fine Arts in Media Design and Technology degree this year.


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