Welcoming CityU’s newly arrived non-local students

Shuyee Chen

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In an international atmosphere similar to that of the United Nations, the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) held a welcoming ceremony for the newly arrived non-local students last Friday (8 September). More than 400 new students coming from 20 provinces and municipalities of mainland China, as well as 20 overseas students, spent a memorable night together, watching a spectacular martial arts performance and participating in games that involved the use of different languages.

Professor H K Chang, University President, welcomed the attending students. He said, “About 500 members of teaching staff and I have studied overseas just like you. Therefore, we understand that you’re going to benefit a lot from the exposure of different cultures, life styles and languages on this campus.” Professor Chang encouraged students to broaden their horizons by making friends with people from other places, with different cultures and speaking other languages, instead of just hanging around with friends of the same nationality. He said, “This is the reason that CityU allocates so much resources and manpower bringing you here.”

Among the non-local students at the welcoming ceremony, a total of 207 were mainland Chinese students admitted this year through the National

Joint College Entrance Examination Scheme (NJCEES). Meng Hao, from Liaocheng, Shangdong Province, is the first student in his hometown city to be admitted to CityU. He said, “The Faculty of Business of CityU enjoys a high international ranking. I feel deeply honoured to be the first Liaocheng student to be admitted. I can’t wait to share my learning experience at CityU with my high-school classmates in Liaocheng.”

Meng Hao’s NJCEE results ranked the eighth in his alma mater high school. While the seven school-mates with better scores were admitted either to Tsinghua University or Peking University, their first choice universities respectively, Meng Hao chose the Faculty of Business of CityU as his first choice university. He said, “Although I am a science student, my aspiration is to enter the finance sector. I believe that CityU’s first-rank teachers and the training I’m going to be provided with will allow me to keep abreast with the outside world. The internship opportunities

and exchange-student scheme will definitely broaden my horizon and make me more flexible and internationalized, which will be an asset in my future career development.”

There are altogether 230 exchange students studying at CityU this year, while the total number of non-local students is around 1,200, which include undergraduates and postgraduates from 20 countries around the world. Currently, the University has signed exchange student agreements with more than 130 universities from 26 countries.


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