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Grace Ho

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Walking into the Run Run Shaw Library at City University of Hong Kong (CityU), you will sense a unique cultural ambiance. A total of 58 paintings, calligraphy, sketches and pottery created by CityU people for the “Exhibition of Art Works by Members of CityU Community” are on display at the Library. The exhibition, the first of its kind at the University, exemplifies the passion for the arts among the CityU community.

The aim of the exhibition, co-organized by the Library and the Human Resources Office, is to cultivate greater interest in the arts for whole-person development among the campus community. CityU values the spirit of science and the humanities and strives to nurture a proactive interest in the arts.

Officiating at the opening ceremony, which kicked off on 6 July, were Professor H K Chang, University President; Professor Richard Ho Yan-ki, Vice-President for Undergraduate Education; Dr Ellen Ko Law Yin-lan, Acting Vice-President for Administration and Director of Human

Resources; Dr Jerry Yu Jer-tsang, Chief Information Officer; and Professor Steve Ching Hsianghoo, University Librarian.

Professor Ho, Dr Andy Chun Hon-wai, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, and Mr Arthur Leung Tat-yung, Director of Campus Planning, shared their experiences of the arts at a session entitled “Sharing the Experience of Art” after the ceremony. Dr Ma Ka-fai, Assistant Director of the Chinese Civilisation Centre, moderated the session.

Professor Ho, who has been painting for many years and considers it part of his life, said he painted every week, letting his emotions flow freely and gaining new insights, not just into art, but also into teaching and administrative work.

Mr Leung drew his sketches during a trip to a village in North Wales, while Dr Chun’s contributions included his own and those of his son and daughter. Painting not only helped reduce pressure and inspire creativity; it also enhanced family relationships and communication, Dr Chun said.

Professor Chang said he was very pleased to take part in the exhibition and the sharing session, adding that such activities created an intellectually rich campus. “This is what every university needs,” Professor Chang said. “CityU is committed to a modern professional education, buttressed by deep-rooted humanistic values. We place great emphasis on exposing members of the University community to the wider world of scholarship in the arts and sciences, and we encourage people to share their enthusiasm for the arts,” he said.

Other contributors to the exhibition included Dr Cheung Ho-ming , Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Communication; Ms Penni Cheng Kwan-ling, Library Assistant I; Professor (Chair) Horace Ip Ho-shing in the Department of Computer Science; Ms Teresa To Wan-fun, Senior Assistant Librarian; Lady Ivy Wu; and Professor (Chair) Zhang Longxi, Director of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies.

The exhibition runs in the Library Lobby until 6 August. The art is available for viewing at:


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