Appointment of Deputy President

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I am pleased to announce that the University Council has appointed Professor David Tong as the Deputy President who will work closely with the President in the development of the University.

Professor David Tong is a distinguished physicist with an illustrious academic career. He graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 1964 and received his PhD in 1969 from UC Irvine. Professor Tong is a theoretical physicist with a special interest in surface physics. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Since December 2002, Professor Tong has been in his current position as Vice-President (Academic Affairs) assisting the President in the planning, development, formulation, implementation, monitoring and review of the academic matters of the University. Prior to taking up the post of Vice-President, Professor Tong held senior academic appointments in both the US and Hong Kong. These include the Director and Distinguished Professor at the Surface Studies Laboratory in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Chair Professor and Head of the Physics Department at Hong KongUniversity and Chair Professor of Physics at CityUniversity.

Professor Tong has a proven track record of academic excellence, demonstrable leadership qualities, substantial management experience at a senior level and the ability to confront the new challenges facing higher education. I am certain that Professor Tong, together with the President and the senior management team, will meet the emerging challenges for higher education in Hong Kong and in the region.

Norman Leung
Chairman of the Council



Statement from the President

The City University of Hong Kong Council today appointed Professor David Tong Shuk-yin as Deputy President. I am extremely pleased with the appointment. Composed and determined, Professor Tong has outstanding academic achievements, an unwavering commitment to work and, above all, a strong sense of mission. During his tenure as Vice-President (Academic Affairs), he and I worked well together. Professor Tong has won the confidence and praises of many colleagues.

In the next coming years, CityU will face a range of challenges. As a young and dynamic university, CityU, under the guidance of the Council and support of its staff, will rise above its existing strengths and achievements and overcome these challenges with vigor and verve. We will strive to make greater contributions to higher education in Hong Kong and China. Professor Tong and I will continue to work together and to rally the support of our staff and students. CityU will become more energetic, acquire higher academic standing and better serve the needs of society.

H K Chang
President and University Professor


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