Student leaders hone their skills

Shuyee Chen

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More than 320 key members from about 35 student societies joined a one-day leadership training workshop before they take office on 1 January. The Orientation Workshop for Newly-elected Student Leaders, held 30 December at Wai Hing Theatre, was organized by Student Development Services (SDS) to help the students to become leaders.

, CityU's Vice-President for Undergraduate Education and Dean of Students, told the audience they have to be prepared for the difficulties and challenges they will face in the year to come. "We will not prepare the path for you, but we will prepare you for the path," he said.

Vision is the most important quality in a leader. "You have to ask yourself, where do you want to lead the people to?" A good leader doesn't need to be capable of doing everything, but he does need to trust people and empower them, Professor Ko said. "A good leader is like a good teacher. He is there to encourage and help others realize their full potential. He shares the credit and he takes the blame."

Professor Ko reminded students, however, not to forget their most important role -- as students. "To run a student society can bring you a great deal of experience. But you have to learn from it. Experience without reflection is only experience. You have to keep learning in mind at all times. Otherwise your sacrifice on behalf of the society may not be worth it."

Mrs Dorothy Davies, Acting Director of SDS, then pointed out the three most important demands of a leader: achieving the stated goal, building teamwork and realizing one's potential. She also gave a brief rundown on the services offered by SDS and its key staff. Mr Arthur Leung, Director of CityU's Campus Planning Office, talked about the campus environment and the student residence, while other key academic staff encouraged students to take up their new role.

Additional workshops will take place between mid-January and the end of February, on the use of campus facilities, managing accounts and finance, effective time management, etc. On-line enrolment is available via AIMS.



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