Reverberation chamber meets industry standards

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CityU's Building and Construction Department has established a 200-cubic-meter reverberation chamber that will help researchers conduct sound absorption tests. Meeting both the ISO and ASTM standards, the chamber is an accredited laboratory for acoustics and noise reduction research.

The opening ceremony for the chamber was officiated by Professor P S Chung, Vice President (Research), Professor Andrew Leung, Head of the Department of Building and Construction, and Dr Westwood Hong, Managing Director of Westwood Hong & Associates Ltd.

"To facilitate technology transfer and applications, CityU is committed to technological research advancement and strengthening collaboration with industry," said Professor Chung. "We set a very high standard on this laboratory, in terms of its volume and supporting facilities."

Professor Leung agreed. "The Hong Kong construction industry has set a very high standard concerning noise control," he said. "Before the establishment of CityU's reverberation chamber, sound tests of building materials were conducted overseas. The setup of this chamber will definitely meet the market demand for a laboratory of international standards."

Constructed of massive concrete materials and damped steel, the chamber is sufficiently isolated to keep out noise and structural vibrations. It is an ideal setting for teaching, theoretical and contract research, as well as for commercial consultancy.


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