Beijing study tour for budding entrepreneurs

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China's rapid economic development and the growing co-operation in trade between Hong Kong and the mainland have resulted in increasing business opportunities. To provide our second-year students majoring in China Business with experience and in-depth knowledge of the mainland's economic environment, the Department of Marketing organized a two-week Summer Study Tour Workshop on Business Management in Beijing in June. 

The workshop is a joint project with the University of International Business & Economics of China (UIBEC). The 26 participating students attended seminars, visited big corporations and prepared consultancy reports.



The seminars covered topics such as China's imminent entry to the World Trade Organization, foreign investment in China, major developments in western China and the re-engineering of state-owned enterprises. The seminars were conducted by renowned lecturers from the UIBEC.

In Beijing, students visited a state-owned steel factory, a dotcom company and an advertising agency, and prepared and presented consultancy reports on the latter two. Both companies said the reports were "highly regarded".. The students said the workshop provided them with valuable experience that will contribute towards their career development on the mainland.


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