President Way Kuo elected International Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering

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President Way Kuo, University Distinguished Professor of City University of Hong Kong (CityU), has been elected as International Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) in recognition of his influential contributions to engineering as announced on 14 June in Ottawa.

A CAE Fellowship is one of the highest honours in the world for an engineering professional. 

“A pioneer in systems reliability, Way Kuo has made fundamental contributions to, and published classic books on, optimal reliability design for electronics and energy systems in environmental sustainability,” the CAE said.

President Kuo was the first foreign expert to visit Fukushima, Japan after the accident in March 2011 where he conducted a post-accident assessment at the invitation of a Japanese agency. 

Since July 2020, President Kuo has received invitations from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy, Canada and other places around the world to deliver video-keynote speeches on applying lessons learned from the systematic control of nuclear power plant accidents to the Covid-19 crisis. He recommends the establishment of a global, systematic and reliable contingency mechanism.

He has advocated the principle of the “integration of teaching and research” and the “separation of politics and education” since he was appointed as CityU President in 2008. The CAE reaffirmed his contributions to the higher education. It said, “As the President of City University of Hong Kong, which is considered among the most progressive universities globally in all key measures, he strongly advocates campus autonomy and academic freedom. He combines an unflagging dedication to academia and professional service to the international community alongside long-term interactions with Canadian institutions”.

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