Alumni learn about martial arts heritage

Eva Choy

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Some 70 alumni from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) attended a talk themed “Hong Kong Martial Arts Heritage” organised by the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) on 28 August.

Mr Hing Chao, founder of the International Guoshu Association, shared his passion for preserving and revitalising the culture of martial arts at the event. 

He outlined the rich and diverse styles of different martial arts, particularly Hakka kung fu, which developed in Hong Kong.

Mr Chao is collaborating with CityU to create the Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive aimed at preserving Hong Kong martial arts, a tradition that’s in danger of dying out.

This unique repository encompasses state-of-the art technology for archiving and annotating martial arts using 3D motion capture technology.

During the event, Mr Chao invited Mr Li Tin-loi, a Hakka kung fu master, to talk about the history of Hakka kung fu and demonstrate key moves.


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