Undergraduate Prospectus 2003 published

Michael Woloschuk

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CityU's Prospectus for Bachelor Degree and Associate Degree Programmes 2003 Entry has just been published. Besides containing a wealth of information for

new students, the new and improved version is also guaranteed to help students better understand university life in general.


The latest edition of the Prospectus is written in a more concise and lively style that better suits the needs of today's students. Although the language of the Prospectus is English, each programme contains a "punchline" written in Chinese that summarizes the key elements of that particular programme.

This year's Prospectus is also better geared to work hand-in-hand with the Web version. Although the print version of the Prospectus is considerably concise than previous editions, interested applicants can get more information by visiting the Prospectus Website at www.cityu.edu.hk/prospectus. Each programme is tagged with an e-code that offers online visitors a more complete picture of the programme, and includes hyperlinks to further information through the University Registrar's Office.


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