Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

MA Communication and New Media (MACNM)


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am very interested in your program. What are the entrance requirements?
  2. How should I submit my application?
    Applicants should apply through the online application website at Please refer to the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies for details regarding the procedures of submitting application.
  3. What documents do I need to submit online besides the application form?
    Applicants are advised to upload the supporting documents including academic transcripts with official explanation on the grading system (see examples) and degree certificates, examination/English test results etc. (if applicable) via their application account to facilitate quick and easy access by departments in consideration of their application.
    *for applicants graduated from Mainland tertiary institutions, please provide both the degree award certificate (學士學位証書) and graduation certificate (畢業証書)
  4. How many letters of recommendation do you require? Who should I ask to write the letter? Is there any format for the letter?
    Letters of recommendation are optional (i.e., not required). When you apply, please feel free to attach one or two recommendation letters. There is no formal format for the letter, which could be informal but informative.
  5. Do I need to submit a personal statement when applying for your program?
    Yes, you'll need to submit an Applicant Statement (not research proposal) as part of the application form. In the statement, please describe your prior experience (including internship, voluntary service or any other informal involvement) in communication or media industries; your knowledge and skills of new media technologies (e.g., design and production of online or offline content); and your career plans after graduating from our program.
  6. How long should I write the Applicant Statement? Is there any requirement for the number of words?
    There is no specific requirement for the length of the statement. The general principle is to keep it short but informative. Usually, 500 words will be sufficient.
  7. I learnt that the programme offers three new streams, do I need to indicate my stream preference in the application?
    Yes, you can indicate your preferred stream at the application stage. Upon admission, students are enrolled in the MACNM programme with an undeclared stream. Students will be invited to declare a stream after the commencement of Semester A. The Department reserves the right to suspend a stream in case of insufficient enrolment. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all streams will be offered for each academic year.
  8. What if my preferred stream in not being offer in an academic year?
    The offer of a stream is contingent on the availability of teaching staff and the minimum number of students pre-selecting the stream. In case a stream cannot be offered for an academic year, the Digital Media Stream will be the default stream.
  9. Can I stay in Hong Kong to work after graduation from MACNM?
    Yes, you can. Please read the relevant policies which are available on the HKSAR government's website.
  10. Am I a local or non-local applicant? If your classes are scheduled in evenings, do "full time" students take classes not only in evenings, but also during day time?
    The definitions of Non-local Students and Local Students are set out below (with effect from Semester A 2020/21 entry):
    Non-local Students
    Persons holding the following documents issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department are classified as non-local students:
    • Student visa / entry permit
    • Visa under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG Visa)
    • Dependant visa / entry permit who were 18 years old or above when they were issued with such visa / entry permit by the Immigration Department of the HKSAR
    Local Students
    Persons holding any of the following documents issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department are classified as local students:
    • Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card
    • Documents issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department certifying the right of abode / right to land in Hong Kong
    • One-way permit for entry to Hong Kong
    • Dependant visa / entry permit who were below 18 years old when they were issued with such visa / entry permit by the Immigration Department of the HKSAR
    • Full-time employment visa / work permit (for part-time study)
    • Visa / entry permit for Quality Migrant Admission Scheme
    • Visa / entry permit for Capital Investment Entrant Scheme
    • Visa label for unconditional stay
  11. Do I need to submit a Chinese translation of my academic transcript, degree certificate, scholarship award, and all other application materials?
    Not necessarily. The best advice is to submit all application documents in original language(s). Of course, your application form, including the statement of purpose, should be in English.
  12. Can I submit my IELTS score after I get an offer because I will take an IELTS test in March 2020?
    No. A satisfactory score of the relevant English test (IELTS, TOEFL, or CET6) is a prerequisite for admission consideration. Outstanding English language skills demonstrated by IELTS/TOEFL scores may enhance your competitiveness.
  13. What are "Chinese Character Codes" in the application form?
    The codes are for local applicants. Overseas applicants can leave these blank.
  14. Can you explain what "Professional Qualifications" are?
    "Professional Qualifications" refer to certifications from authorized bodies such as engineering, medical, legal, accounting, and other professional societies.
  15. Is it true that CityU adheres to the principle that earlier applicants can have offers earlier?
    Yes, we operate on a rolling basis, which means that we admit highly qualified applicants when the application period is still open. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.
  16. I major in English. Is it suitable for me to apply for this program?
    Applicants without a major or a minor in communication related areas of studies must have the basic knowledge about media and communication through coursework and an internship in communication related areas for at least three months. Substantive working experience in communication related areas such as a full-time job in a communication related position for at least one year will satisfy the requirement for the basic knowledge about communication. Applicants without a major or minor should submit an official letter from the employer verifying the internship/working experience. The letter should be printed on company letterhead and contain dates of internship.
  17. When will MACNM students start to select the programme stream?
    Successful applicants will be enrolled in the MACNM programme with an undeclared stream and they will be invited to declare a stream after the commencement of Semester A. At the application stage, applicants can indicate their preference in the online application supplement form.
  18. When will the application result be announced?
    Applications with required materials will be reviewed as soon as they are received. Admission offers are mostly made between January and May. The selection process is normally completed by June for non-local applicants, or by the end of July for local applicants. Late announcement of application results may due to the reason that we are still considering your application. The selection decision depends on the enrolment situation.
  19. How will I know my application result?
    You can check your application result online via your application account. If you are successful in your application, you will receive an email notification from the School of Graduate Studies reminding you to check the application account to view and download the offer letter and to complete the required procedures for accepting the offer.

We receive thousands of applications and large amount of enquiries during the admission period, and we seek your understanding that we are unable to response to individual enquiry on admission progress and results. The admission team will contact you by email if any of your supporting documents are missing. Your understanding is appreciated.