Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

Major in Media and Communication (BAMDCM)

Admission Code: 1341A
Mode of Study: Full-time
Normal Period of Study: 4 years (Normative 4-year degree) /
3 years (Advanced Standing I) /
2 years (Advanced Standing II)
  3-year (Advanced Standing I)
  2-year (Advanced Standing II)
Mode of Funding: Government-funded

Major Leader

Dr HUANG, Guanxiong
Tel: +(852) 3442 5967

Deputy Major Leader

Mr CHAN, Sing Lai Sunny
Tel: +(852) 3442 5771

Programme Aims

This major aims to provide students with current knowledge of theories and practices of media and communication from an interdisciplinary perspective. It seeks to develop students’ critical and creative abilities in discovering and understanding the processes and structure of media and communication in their daily lives. By comparing and contrasting real-world examples, students will be able to apply the relevant theories and appropriate methods to analyse the interplay between media and society in various contexts and at different levels. The integrated curriculum is also designed to provide opportunities and platforms for students to explore their potential as well-rounded professional in media-related fields.


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