Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

Internship Programme

The Department of Media and Communication recognizes the importance of connecting students' academic training with the professional work arena in higher-education. We strongly encourage our students to seek, develop, or create internship opportunities to enrich their learning experience. Our internship program is designed to provide students with real-life working experience in local as well as international contexts. Students are expected to gain in-depth and practical understanding of private or public sector operations and the professional contexts in which they can apply the theory and skills they have learned in classes. Through these internship opportunities, students have a chance to acquire professional work experience, enhance their resumes, and establish professional contacts.

Currently, students can receive up to 3 credit units for participating in department-sponsored professional internship programs. Alternatively, with prior approval from Internship Coordinator, students are allowed to seek or develop their own internship opportunities in relevant fields. We are always cultivating new opportunities and support for our students by building long-term partnerships with industry leaders in public relations, advertising, entertainment, media, and information technologies.


During the past few years, we sponsored or co-sponsored dozens of internship positions in various private or public enterprises in Hong Kong and overseas.