Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

Ph.D. Graduates

List of M.Phil & Ph.D. Theses

Year Student Ph.D./M.Phil Thesis Title
2022 CHEN Zhicong Ph.D Discovering the Shady Corner of the Internet: The Acquisition, Use, and Social Impacts of the Tor Anonymity Network
2022 DAVIDSON Brenna Ph.D Modality and Emotional News Content: Effects on Memory for Political Disinformation
2022 LAN Ji Ph.D Identifying and Evaluating Causal Relations in Social Science Research Publications on Social Media: A Hypothesis-based Knowledge Graph Approach
2022 LU Fangcao Ph.D The Influence of Social Media Selfie-Related Activities on Young Women’s Beauty Image Concerns
2022 MIN Chen Ph.D To Comment or not to Comment in China: Exploring the Influence of Online Incivility and Argument Quality on Public Expression
2022 SUN Mengru Ph.D The Effects of Context Collapse in Social Media on Dyadic Interpersonal Communication Processes
2022 WANG Xiaoting Ph.D Gender Self-Stereotypes of Women in Online Games: The Effects of Avatar Appearance and Their Roles
2022 WARUWU Barui Kurniawan Louis Ph.D Mediated Family Display: An Ethnography of Migrant Mothers and Transnational Family Practices in a Polymedia Environment 
2022 YANG Chun Ph.D The Social Construction of Justice: Trial-based Media Events and Media–Court Interaction in China
2022 YU Wenting Ph.D News Verification: Conceptualization and Measurement
2022 ZHANG Yafei Ph.D A Structural and Empirical Analysis of Network-based Diffusion of Information and Virus
2021 MENG Xiang Ph.D Social Media, Civic Attitudes, and Citizen Engagements: A Comparison of Facebook and WhatsApp
2021 OKTAVIANUS Jeffry Ph.D Empowering Migrant Domestic Workers through Storytelling Networks in Times of Crises: A Communication Infrastructure Approach
2021 GUAN Lu Ph.D Personal Curatorial Strategy: How Do Users Select, Consume, and Manage Information on Social Media?
2021 KASADHA Juma Ph.D Social Media and Civic Engagement: Reconciliation, Inclusion and Community Building
2021 SUN Yanqing Ph.D How Exposure to Parenting Content on Social Media Influences Self-discrepancy and Postnatal Mood Disorders for Mothers of Newborn Babies
2020 TRAVIS Louis Joseph Ph.D Playing with Consumers: Examining the Role of Play in Marketing Communications
2020 WANG Wei Ph.D Chinese Government's Partition Management and the Fragmentation of Journalistic Ecology in the Age of Technological Transformation
2020 ZHI Li Ph.D Authoritarian Fragmentations and Media Improvisations in Mediated Disasters
2020 WU Yi  Ph.D Consequence of Social Conflicts: Public Opinion Polarization and Mass Media in Hong Kong
2020 LIN Sixian Ph.D National Identity, Framing Process and Student Movements: The Case of Hong Kong from 1960s to 2010s
2020 GUO Qin Ph.D Parenting Influence on Adolescents’ Socialization in the Chinese Cultural Context
2020 ZHOU Yixin Ph.D Life in the Fast Lane: Digital Media Use and Daily Activity Rhythm across the Last 20 Years
2019 YANG Ming Ph.D Exploring the Mechanisms of Narrative Persuasion in Overcoming Reactance: The Influence of Explicit Appeal and Perceived Realism on the Transportation Process
2019 XIA Chuanli Ph.D Hong Kong 20 Years after the Handover: The Dynamics of Public, Political, and Media Issue Agendas
2019 ZHU Qinfeng Ph.D Selective Avoidance and 'Safe Space': Political Implications of Unfriending and Unfollowing on Social Media
2019 CHEN Hexin Ph.D Antecedents and Consequences of User's Preference for Mobile Display Orientation: Media Domain, Task Performance, and User Experience
2019 LOVRIC Bruno Ph.D Remembering the Homeland War and the Construction of Croatian National Identity 1995-2015
2019 ZHANG Nan Ph.D Constructing a Green Public Sphere: Environmental Activism and the Role of the Internet in China
2018 TU Caixie Ph.D An Examination of Young Undergraduates’ Celebrity-related Media Use and Involvement with Celebrities
2018 ZENG Yuan Ph.D Reporting China on the Rise: A Study on the Field of Foreign Correspondence in Contemporary China
2018 MADRID MORALES Daniel Ph.D African News with Chinese Characteristics: A Case Study of CGTN Africa
2018 HERNANDEZ MARTINEZ Miriam Ph.D Influence of Political, Economic and Geographical Factors on the Representation of Immigration Issues in the American Press
2018 JIANG Yalong Ph.D Cultivating Actual Resources on Social Media and Benefit from It: Patterns of Social Media Use, Social Capital, and Subjective Well-being
2018 YAN Jing Ph.D Media Representation of Conflict on Consumer Rights and Consumer Nationalism in Transitional China
2018 PENG Kun Ph.D What Happened Before and After You Lied? Antecedents and Consequences of Self-Presentation in Online Dating
2018 LU Yin Ph.D In the Name of the People: Reporting Public Opinion in China
2017 Wang Pianpian Ph.D. A Longitudinal Analysis of the Dynamic Agenda-setting Process in the Social Media
2017 LIU Qian Ph.D Segregated Spiral of Silence: Investigating Influences on Outspokenness on the Internet in China
2016 Spiezio Roberto Ph.D. La Cina è Vicina: News Coverage and Emerging Narratives on China’s Rise in Two Italian National Dailies 1994-2013
2016 Cao Bolin Ph.D. Resolving Social Conflicts and Improving Intergroup Relations in the Digital Age: The Effects of Contact Contents and Channels
2016 Gong Wanqi Ph.D. Celebrity Endorsement on Microblog: the Role of Source Factors and Audience Factors
2016 Bernadas Jan Michael Alexandre Ph.D. By the Mercy and Help of God: Towards a Religiousness-Health Information Seeking and Scanning Behaviors Framework
2015 Wang Zhenzhen Ph.D. Mapping the Landscape of Communication Research around the World: A Structural Theory of Academic Dependency
2015 Szilagyi Anna Ph.D. Party-Press Parallelism: Reception and Representation of China’s Soft Power in Post-Communist Hungary
2015 Wang Tian Jiao Ph.D. Rhetorical Activism in China: The Power of Grassroots Criticism of Government on the Internet
2015 Xu Minjun Ph.D. Reading the Romance in the Age of Web 2.0: A Mixed Methods Study on the Role of Social Networking Sites in Romantic Relationships
2015 Chen Chujie Ph.D. Shifting Press Boundaries, Political Economy, and Opinion Production at *Southern Metropolis Daily*Italic*
2014 Liu Yang Ph.D. Differentiating Framing from Priming and Persuasion: Psychological Mechanism, Competition Effect, and Duration Over Time
2014 Liang Hai Ph.D. The Discussion Atmosphere of Democracy: The Dynamic Process of Political Deliberation in Web Forums
2014 Liu Jing Ph.D. The Rise of Media Populism in the Neoliberal Age: A Comparative Case Study of Apple Daily in Hong Kong and Taiwan
2014 Ho Jeffrey Chun Fai Ph.D. Processing and Elaboration of Web Based Information: The Influence of Information Scent, Task, and Content Relevance
2014 Wang Chengjun Ph.D. Jumping over the Network Threshold: Information Diffusion on Information Sharing Websites
2014 Liu Na Ph.D. Media Representation, Citizenship Rights and Civil Society in China, 1978 – 2012
2014 Qin Jie Ph.D. Emergence, Evolution, and Effectiveness of Interorganizational Computer-mediated Communication Networks: A Study of the Hyperlink Networks among Environmental Non-governmental Organizations in the United States and China
2013 Zhang Xinzhi Ph.D. Social Networking Sites Use, Political Attitudes, and Political Participation: A Comparison of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
2013 Yi Yan Ph.D. Press Conference with Chinese Characteristics: Institution, Ritual and Symbolism
2013 Lu Heng Ph.D. The Sustainability of User-generated Content: Understanding Continuance and Switching Produsage Behavior
2012 Song Yunya Ph.D. Shifting Prisms of China: U.S. Correspondents as an Interpretive Community, 1972-2000
2012 Cui Li Ph.D. Stardom in the View of Media Power: Reproduction of Media Power in the Case of Li Yuchun
2012 Wu Ling Fei Ph.D. Understanding the Rise of Web 2.0 Sites: Beyond the Debate between "Mediacide" and "Mediamorphorsis"
2012 Li Ying Ph.D. How Temporal Frame and Social Distance Influcence College Female Students' Intension To Vaccinate Against Human Papillomavirus 
2011 Huang Shunming Ph.D. Manufacturing Professional Honor: Journalism Award Institution as Social Control in China
2011 Zhang Lun Ph.D. Growth Model of Online Friendship and Individual, Dyadic, and Network Determinants
2010 Song Jing Ph.D. National Elite Media Discourses on Globalization: Comparing China with India
2010 Lin Gong Cheng Ph.D. How Journalists Use Blogs: The Impact of Blogs on the Development of Journalistic Professionalism in China
2010 Zhang Wei M. Phil Discursive Contestation in China's Marketized Media: Coverage of the Torch Relay Incident in Beijing Olympics
2009 Huang Hui M.Phil Effect of Financial News on Investors' Trading Behavior
2009 Li Hongtao Ph.D. State, Danwei, and Knowledge Production in China: A Study of Academic Journals in Communication
2009 Li Linbo M.Phil Determinants of Message Salience in Blogosphere - An Examination of the Framing Effects in Web2.0 Context
2009 Qian Li M.Phil Corporate Blogs: New Opportunities for the Organizational Crisis Response
2009 Wu Zhuoyun M.Phil Anonymity, Private Self-Awareness & Online Self-Disclosure - An Examination for Blogging Activities
2009 Yan Yan Ph.D. Coorientation between Hong Kong and Mainland Journalists on the Integration of Hong Kong and Mainland China
2008 An Qi M.Phil The Influence of Desperate Housewives on Chinese College Female Students' Perspectives Toward Relationship
2008 Chan Che Ming M.Phil Just CC Everyone! The Role of Communication Channel in Social Capital Mobilization
2008 Cui Li M.Phil Empowerment from Super Girls' Voice for Female College Students in China
2008 Jiang Shujun Ph.D. Who Decides? Individual, Organizational, Political, and Market Influences on News Content in a Chinese Newspaper
2008 Pan Xiaohui Ph.D. Globality and Broadcasting Media in China -- Measurements and Media impact
2008 Peng Taiquan Ph.D. Intentional Adoption, Usage Automaticity, and Attitudinal Dynamics: An Evolving Triadic Model of Internet Behaviors and Perceptions
2008 Yang Yinjuan Ph.D. Marketized Media in China: Bargaining with the State and Rent Seekers -- The Case of the Guangzhou Press
2008 Zhang Jinguang M.Phil Re-examining the Motive of Self-enhancement in People's Message Effects Perceptions: A Social Identity Perspective
2007 Lai Hiu Man Debby Ph.D. Internet Piracy - A User Behavioral Perspective
2006 Shi Lin M.Phil Official and Popular Discourses: Taiwan's Opposition Leaders' Visits to Mainland China
2006 Tong Jingjing Ph.D. Competition Among Interpersonal Media: The Impact of Rational, Relational, Social, and Individual Factors on Media Choice
2005 Zhou Yuqiong Ph.D. The Interplay Between Chinese Journalists and the Internet: Diffusion, Use, and Effects of the internet
2004 Fan Xiaojiang M.Phil The Effects on Homepage Design of Chinese Online Newspapers on Reader's Reading Patterns
2003 Tan Yue M.Phil Causes and Covariates of News Credibility Perceived by Chinese Audiences: An Experimental Study
2001 Man Chi Wai Charles M.Phil Adoption of E-commerce by the Service Industry in Hong Kong: A Communication Behaviour Approach
2000 Peng Shiyong Ph.D. An Analysis of Cultural Influence on Conflict Management in Foreign-invested Enterprises in Mainland China