Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

All COM Courses

Course Code Course Title Syllabus
COM1101 Media and Communication in the Digital Age
COM2103 Communication Research Methods
COM2105 Visual Communication
COM2116 Audience Analytics and Media Strategies
COM2118 Media and Society
COM2120 Health Communication
COM2201 News Writing and Reporting
COM2202 Writing for the Media
COM2303 Video Production and Editing
COM2401 Fundamentals of Advertising
COM2402 Principles of Public Relations
COM2405 Communication and Marketing
COM2407 Integrated Marketing Communication Principles and Practices
COM2501 Internet Communication
COM2502 Multimedia Authoring
COM2509 Interactive Digital Communication
COM3107 Fundamentals of Persuasive Communication
COM3109 Media and Communication in Chinese Contexts
COM3115 Communication Law and Ethics
COM3117 Media, Communication and Public Opinion
COM3119 International Communication
COM3203 Data Journalism
COM3209 Digital Photojournalism
COM3211 Business Journalism
COM3404 Event Planning and Management
COM3406 Strategic Media Planning
COM3408 Integrated Strategic Communication
COM3410 Consumer Behavior Analysis
COM3411 Interactive Advertising
COM3412 Advertising Production Design
COM3413 Writing for Public Relations
COM3505 Internet Content Management for Strategic Communication
COM3507 Digital Art and Communication
COM3508 Emerging Technologies in Multimodal Communication
COM3510 Digital e-Marketing Communication
COM4114 Crisis Communication
COM4204 News Feature Writing
COM4205 Advanced News Reporting
COM4207 Campaign Planning and Management
COM4208 Magazine Writing and Production
COM4210 Cross-Platform Publication Design and Layout
COM4305 Current Affairs Documentary Production
COM4306 Video News Reporting
COM4307 Video News Production and Anchoring
COM4308 Convergent Newsroom Practicum
COM4309 Radio News Production
COM4403 Communication Management
COM4414 Broadcast Advertising
COM4504 Communication Design
COM4506 Multimedia Campaign
COM4511 Social Media and Communication
COM4602 Topical Studies in Communication
COM4603 Professional Communication Internship
COM4604 Communication Practicum
COM5101 Communication Fundamentals
COM5102 Global Media in the Digital Era
COM5103 Policy and Regulations of New Media
COM5104 Research Methods for Communication and New Media
COM5105 Media Economics and Management
COM5106 Integrated Marketing Communication
COM5107 Professional Communication Skills
COM5108 Psychological Processing of New Media
COM5110 Public Communication Campaign Management
COM5111 Advanced Marketing Communication
COM5112 Communication Research Seminar
COM5401 Advertising Production and Management
COM5402 Public Relations Strategies
COM5403 Crisis Communication and Management
COM5404 Stakeholders Relationship Management
COM5405 Consumer Behavior Insight
COM5406 Strategic Retail Communication Management
COM5407 Financial Communication and Promotion
COM5408 Global Promotion and Branding
COM5501 Internet Communication
COM5502 Multimedia Communication
COM5503 Dynamic Web Communication
COM5504 Advanced Multimedia Communication
COM5505 Digital Media for E-Marketing
COM5506 Social Network Analysis for Communication
COM5507 Social Media Data Acquisition and Processing
COM5508 Media Data Analytics
COM5509 Digital Visual Media
COM5602 Directed Studies
COM5603 Dissertation
COM5604 Professional Internship
COM5605 Multimedia Practicum
COM6601 Capstone Project
COM8000 Communication and Society
COM8001 Social Science Theories in Communication
COM8002 Proseminar in Communication Studies
COM8003 Communication Theories and Social Change
COM8004 Media in Greater China
COM8005 Quantitative Research Methods in Media and Communication
COM8006 Qualitative Research Methods in Media and Communication
COM8007 Multivariate Analysis in Communication Research
COM8008 Selected Issues and Topics in Communication
COM8009 Independent Studies
COM8010 Computational Social Science Methods