Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

Student Mentors

2019-2020 Mentor program kickoff meeting

Student mentoring scheme is known for empowering senior students to support first-year student success and boost their motivation. Moreover, the scheme is designed for the freshmen to better adapt to new environment with the help of their senior fellows who serve on a voluntary basis. Under this scheme, mentors and mentees will form an integrated network to share their experiences and learn from each other. This interaction also helps to cultivate a strong sense of belonging to the Department, and to the University.

Roles and Responsibilities of student mentors

  • To assist mentees in adapting to the new student life by sharing their experience on both academic and non-academic issues
  • To familiarize students with campus resources.

Who are the student mentors of the Mentor programme?

Typically, senior students and/or committee members of Media and Communication Society (MCS) will be selected as the student mentors. 2 student mentors are assigned to each freshman student and they with follow up with the freshmen for 1 year. Department of Media and Communication will recruit new mentors in Semester B every year.

Who is my student mentor?

Students can find their learning advisor in the study plan under AIMS system. Click on the “DegreeWorks” function in the study plan webpage, name and email address of the corresponding learning advisor can be seen.