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  • Venue Booking Form
  • The Laboratories of M5054, M5065, M5069, M5071 and M5078 are allowed to book by COM staff and students. Please submit an online booking form to the AV team via

Guidelines and Regulations

All users shall note that:
  • All venues are reserved for the University's activities only. University personnel or departments shall not make or transfer any booking to any outsiders for hosting any events and will hold responsibility for the venue throughout the entire reserved period.
  • Users must either be the organizers, co-organizers or sponsors of the event booked using the venue. The names of the departments / student societies shall appear on all promotional materials (such as posters, leaflets, brochures, websites, etc.) as organizers, co-organizers or sponsors.
  • Venue usage shall not involve any commercial, political, profit-related and/or personal activities.
  • Users must inform Communications and Public Relations Office (CPRO) if the event may/will have the presence of media.
For details of University guidelines and regulations, please click the following link.