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Great challenge – building solar car by interdisciplinary student team

The “New Energy New Generation” Solar Car Competition, organized by the Environment Bureau (ENB) and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of the Government of the HKSAR, was held on 3 and 10 January 2016 at Hong Kong Science Park. The solar car team of City University of Hong Kong, Morgen City, proudly presented the solar car designed and built by interdisciplinary students for the solar car competition. Through the competition, the students have successfully demonstrated their innovative idea on solar energy harvesting and its applications for vehicle use.

Led by the Team Director, Professor Michael LEUNG, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and Professor of School of Energy and Environment (SEE), "Morgen City" is an interdisciplinary team comprising 21 students from SEE, College of Business (CB), College of Science and Engineering (CSE), and School of Creative Media (SCM). After more than six months of great efforts and endless contribution by the team members, "Morgen City" has experienced innovation, creativity, leadership and interdisciplinary teamwork in the journey by designing and building a solar powered vehicle to promote wider use of renewable energy for achieving a sustainable environment. The vehicle is also installed with advanced wind power, thermoelectric and photocatalytic technologies; plus state-of-the-art battery and motor. The successful completion of the solar car marked a brilliant new beginning of student work in developing renewable energy solutions.

Not only does the design of the solar car demonstrate students’ engineering capabilities in terms of renewable energy use and energy efficiency enhancement, but also testifies to the feasibility of certain innovative applications.  By building the solar car with no prior reference from the University, “Morgen City” aims to raise public awareness of the importance of grabbing every opportunity to develop sustainable energy and energy-efficient technologies.

Very special thanks to the following sponsors for their generous support and the professors at the School of Energy and Environment for their advice and supervision throughout the project.

Ability R&D Energy Research Centre
Cheong Hing Store Limited
CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Everspring Global Limited
Faithful Rainbow Limited
GamShing Technology Company Limited
The Hongkong Electric Company, Limited
MotorWave Group
Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited
Tin Shun Consultants Limited
Totex International Limited
Widex Technology Development Limited

Professor Michael LEUNG, Dr. Patrick LEE (Assistant Professor of SEE), Dr. Chunhua LIU (Assistant Professor of SEE), Dr. Patrick SIT (Assistant Professor of SEE), and Dr. Denis YU (Assistant Professor of SEE), specializing in photovoltaics, micro wind turbines, thermoelectric materials, photocatalytic self-cleaning surface, computational fluid dynamics, battery and green EV motor, have given constructive advice in leading "Morgen City" to the success!

The following CityU students successfully completed the competition:

Team Director: Professor Michael Kwok-Hi LEUNG (SEE)
Team Manager: Mr. Stanley Man-Sing LAM (SEE)
(Management Team)
Team Members:

Energy Source Team
Mr. Jay Luyujie CAI (SEE)
Miss Kennis Ka-Yan CHAN (SEE)
Mr. Harry Zhi-Kiet LAM (SEE)
Mr. Martin Shun-Sang LUK (SEE)
Mr. Tommy Chun-Yin YAP (SEE)

Energy Storage Team
Miss Daisy Sze-Yan CHAN (SEE)
Mr. George Tsz-Chung CHAN (SEE)
Mr. James Yew-Yuen KHONG (SEE)

Mechanical Team
Mr. Sam Sin-Cheung CHIK (SEE)
Mr. Flya Wai-Chung LEUNG (CSE)

Design Team
Mr. Pluto Tsz-Nok MOK (SCM)

Management Team
Miss Charmaine Wing-Yin AU YEUNG (CB)
Miss Mary Wen-Hsien HO (CB)
Miss Ashley Cheuk-Ying LAU (CB)

Logistic Support Team
Mr. Kayden Chun-Yeung VAN (SEE)
Mr. Ewan Ying-Wai HO (CSE)
Mr. Jim Tsz-Hin TANG (CSE)
Mr. Michael Munyaradzi TAVENGWA (CSE)
Mr. Meow Yu-Ping TONG (CSE)
Mr. Paul Chi-Ho WU (CSE)

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