Gap Year before the Final-year
Shing Lai Nick HO
Bachelor of Engineering in Energy Science and Engineering (Local Student)
Gap Year before the Final-year CLP Power

It was not an easy decision for me to take a gap year from study as an intern in the CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP). But when time goes by, I am glad that I have made this move. I have gained work experience and acquired new ideas, much more than I have ever expected.

My intern position right now in CLP is not purely about engineering. I am also spending half of my time on IT projects. It is my intention to learn more about the IT field. The world today is very fast-paced. Projects in different fields, including engineering field, require IT as a booster. During the past five months with CLP, I am inspired by many new ideas in how to utilise both engineering and IT knowledge. I am very eager to implement all these ideas in the coming future and in my final year of study!