Minor in Atmospheric and Climate Science

Award Title (in English) :
(in Chinese):
Minor in Atmospheric and Climate Science
Programme Code: ATCS
Number of Credit Units Required for the Award: 15

Subject to the approval of the home academic unit(s), students obtaining 15 credit units including the 3 credit units of the core course (SEE3201) will be awarded the Minor in Atmospheric and Climate Science in addition to their undergraduate major degree.

This minor combines a core course with some electives. Each course (except SEE4999 Special Project in Energy and Environment) constitutes three credit units.

Aims of Minor

This minor aims to provide students with basic knowledge in atmospheric science.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Minor

Upon successful completion of this Minor, students should be able to:

  1. Describe the physical processes governing weather and climate.
  2. Describe the physical and chemical processes governing air pollution.
  3. Explain how measurements can be used to improve our understanding of the weather, climate and chemical composition.
  4. Describe the implications of climate change for weather and air quality.

Requirements for the Award (15 credit units)

  1. The application period will be set by ARRO. No late applications will be processed after the said period.
  2. Students are responsible for planning their own study schedules and fulfilling the course requirements in accordance with the academic structures as set in the Minor programme.
  3. Students must complete all courses required in the Minor programme before graduation by obtaining a minimum of 15 credits including the 3 credits of the core course, SEE3201 Atmospheric Science – An Introductory Survey, for the award of the Minor.
  4. To earn a Minor, students must attain a GPA of 1.7 or above for the courses in the Minor programme.
  5. The courses prescribed in the Minor programme may not be offered each semester. School of Energy and Environment reserves the right to offer courses in any semester according to available resource and number of enrolment.
  6. School of Energy and Environment reserves the right to approve or not to approve the application for enrolling the Minor programme.


Core Course (3 credit units):

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
SEE3201 Atmospheric Science – An Introductory Survey 3


Electives (at least 12 credit units):

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
SEE2003 Introduction to Energy and Environmental Data Analysis 3
SEE4202 Atmospheric Chemistry 3
SEE4212 Physics of Climate 3
SEE4215 Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing 3
SEE4216 Combustion and Air Pollution Control 3
SEE4219 Air Quality Modeling 3
SEE4999 Special Project in Energy and Environment 6