"Green Innovation Challenge" Competition 2023

Green Innovation Challenge competition 2023



Part A: About the Competition

Green Innovation


Towards Greener Future via Youth Leaders


Securing a sustainable future is a challenging and complex task. Doing nothing about climate change is no longer an option. Changes of lifestyle facilitated by greener and smarter solutions are needed. Young generation holds the key to help achieving sustainability. Through innovative ideas, our society may explore and identify viable ways to help Hong Kong achieve sustainability.


To help young innovative individuals from Hong Kong secondary schools achieve early success through the exploration of potential green solutions.

Vision, Mission and Objective
  • To empower the future leaders in energy, environment and sustainability
  • To create and increase awareness of the urgency in addressing sustainability issues
  • To identify innovative technologies and solutions for a sustainable future
Constructive Impact
  • Encourage young generation to care for environment
  • Early training and interaction with professors and practitioners during the competition
  • Campus and laboratory visit, potential site visit of industries
  • Apply the learning in finding innovative solutions

1st Prize: HK$20,000 and certificate
2nd Prize: HK$15,000 and certificate
3rd Prize: HK$10,000 and certificate
Consolation Prizes: HK$8,000 each, with certificate
(Remarks: Two Consolation Prizes in total)


Register HERE on team-basis (team member number: 1 – 4) on or before 17 April 2023.


Part B: Eligibility

  • Contestants: S3 – S5 secondary school students in local secondary schools and Grade 9 – 12 students in international schools in Hong Kong
  • Team member number: 1 – 4
  • Team member composition: Team members from the same school are preferred, but they can also come from different schools
  • No upper limit or quota for entry from each school
  • No submission/registration fee

Part C: Scope of Proposal Topics

Green Building

  • Sustainable construction materials
  • BIPV system
  • Energy efficiency
  • Indoor environmental quality


  • Waste management
  • Recycle and reuse
  • Food waste
  • Waste-to-resource/ Waste-to-energy

Clean Energy

  • Renewable energy (e.g., solar and wind)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Portable and stationary energy storage
  • Hydrogen and biomass

Air Quality

  • Emissions control
  • Roadside air pollution
  • Marine emission
  • Indoor air quality

Clean Water

  • Degradation of aquatic ecosystem
  • Inadequate treatment of wastewater
  • Emerging pollutants
  • Increasing demand of freshwater


Part D: Submission of Your Innovative Proposal

Timeline Action
27 February 2023 Registration Beings
1 April 2023 Online Briefing Session^
17 April 2023 Registration Deadline
28 April 2023 First Proposal* Submission Deadline
12 May 2023 Invitation for Extended Proposal#
17 July 2023 Extended Proposal# Submission Deadline
20 July 2023 Finalists will be selected
29 July 2023 Finalists Presentation & Award Ceremony

Schedule is shown in Part E
*#  Refer to the following section on “Proposal Format”

Proposal Format
Proposal Format Requirements
First Proposal
  • Language: English
  • Maximum of 3 pages ONLY

            -- Size: A4 size
            -- Font: Times New Roman
            -- Font Size: 12pt
            -- Line Spacing: Single spacing

  • Proposal within 1000 words
  • Can contain scheme, drawing, diagram and sketch

            -- Scheme, drawing, diagram and sketch can be included
                as attachment(s), they will not be counted within 3-pages limit

  • Highlight the innovation of your proposed solution
  • Highlight the feasibility of your proposed solution
Extended Proposal
  • Language: English
  • No word limit (preferably below 3000 words)
  • Shortlisted teams will be invited to pair with Professor(s) of the School of Energy and Environment (SEE) to further develop their respective proposals
  • Shortlisted teams will be invited to laboratory visit and campus visit to CityU
  • There may be opportunities to attend seminar or lecture by the affiliated Professor(s) of SEE


Judging Criteria
  • Innovation (40%)
  • Feasibility (30%)
  • Plan for Implementation (15%)
  • Impact on Environment (15%)

Part E: Online Briefing Session

Before the close of registration, an online briefing session will be held on Zoom as follows.
Date: 1 April 2023
Time: 2 – 3pm (English Session); 3 – 4pm (Cantonese Session)
Registration: Please register HERE (Remarks: Registration for Online Briefing Session will close at 9am, 31 March 2023)

Part F: FAQs


I am a secondary school student in Hong Kong. I would like to register for the competition. What should I do?
Please register HERE on team-basis (team member number: 1 – 4) on or before 17 April 2023.

Would all registrations made before the registration deadline be accepted? When and how would we know the registration result?
All registrations made before the registration deadline will be automatically accepted as contestants. Applicant will be informed by email.

Submission of Proposal

Should all contestant teams submit both First Proposal and Extended Proposal?
All teams should submit First Proposal. Then, the proposals will be reviewed by the School of Energy and Environment (SEE) Judging Panel. Only the shortlisted teams should submit the Extended Proposal.

What are the format requirements for the First Proposal?
Please refer to Part D.

What are the format requirements for the Extended Proposal?
Please refer to Part D.

Shortlisted Teams

When and how will the contestant teams be notified of the shortlist result?
Each team will be notified if the team is shortlisted by email no later than 12 May 2023.

In preparing the Extended Proposal, shortlisted teams will be paired with Professors from the School of Energy and Environment (SEE), what is it about?
Shortlisted teams will each be paired with a faculty member from the School of Energy and Environment (SEE) to provide advice and knowledge transfer on the topic relevant to the respective proposals. It is compulsory for each shortlisted team to meet with the Professors. The meetings will be conducted in Cantonese or English. Shortlisted teams will be also invited to visit CityU and our laboratories.

Finalist Presentation

What is the medium of language for the Finalist Presentation?
The Finalist Presentation will be conducted in English (for both oral presentation and visual materials).

How many entries will be shortlisted for the Finalist Presentation?
Depending on the quality of the entries.

When and how will contestant teams know if the entries are shortlisted for the Finalist Presentation?
Contestant will be informed by email no later than 20 July 2023.

Our invention entry is shortlisted for the Final Presentation to be held on 29 July 2023. What do we need to prepare? What is the format of the Finalist Presentation?
Finalist Presentation will be conducted face-to-face on CityU campus. The presentation should be presented in the format of PowerPoint, audiences included by not limited to CityU community and stakeholders from industry and government.  Q&A session will follow. Detailed presentation information will be relayed to the shortlisted team in due course.

What is the mode of delivery of the Finalist Presentation on 29 July 2023?
The Finalist Presentation will be held physically on CityU campus.