I don’t work in Engineering Field
On Yi Annie WONG
Bachelor of Engineering in Energy Science & Engineering (Class of 2016)
marketing analyst IT consultancy

Stepping out of my comfort zone for new opportunities was a difficult decision. I was doing quite good with my bachelor’s degree, could probably get an engineering job with my internship experience. The thing is, is it really the best option for me? University is a good place to explore your potentials and aspirations. I enrolled in a digital marketing programme called Google Ignite, where I found myself in love with the fast-paced digital world. I self learnt digital marketing, obtained accreditation and created mini projects to develop my portfolio. The analytical mindset that I have built from major study enabled me to become a data-driven marketer. I am now working as marketing analyst in an IT consultancy firm. Graduation doesn’t mean the end of learning, I took part-time courses to keep my competence. Three years since I started a brand-new career, I am delighted I made the move. To go where the university takes you, it’s better to make those decisions for yourself. My dear fellows, don’t wait your whole life to do something special!