What can I do to make the world a better place?
Zhi Kiet Harry LAM
Bachelor of Engineering in Energy Science & Engineering (Class of 2016)
Zhi Kiet Harry LAM

What can I do to make the world a better place? After completing my studies at SEE, I began to search for more than a career. I wanted an opportunity to make a real difference in the world by helping to create a more sustainable planet.

I began my engineering career by focusing on designing environmental protection measures and pollution prevention controls for Hong Kong’s water supply, waste and wastewater systems. Enabling sustainable infrastructure deployment and making the city more resilient to the impacts of climate change were fulfilling tasks.

Can I do more? Absolutely yes! With nations and corporates worldwide stepping up their game, I am hopeful that we can, with diligence and determination, eventually win this battle for future generations. I felt it was time for me to look at the close links between energy, climate and infrastructure systems through a holistic lens. My Master’s studies at UC Berkeley gave me knowledge on various energy and environmental topics, and inspired me to pursue creative solutions that address overarching societal concerns, such as the mitigation of GHG emissions. It was both intriguing and alarming to realise we are lagging in this race to net zero.

Now what? The transportation sector is the single largest contributor of GHG emissions in many cities and nations. I believe that electrification is a crucial lever that we need to pull quickly to slash local and global emissions. I am currently working as an energy data analyst at an EV charge-management software company in California, U.S., where I serve and educate fleet operators on how transitioning to zero-emission vehicles makes more financial sense than they had realised.

I am glad that I now have a better answer to my initial question, and can see a concrete way to act. Late is better than never: please join me in this important endeavour!