Multicultural SEE
Minjee PARK
Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Science and Engineering (International Student from Korea)
Minjee PARK

I chose to study at CityU SEE to explore the world, meet new people from diverse backgrounds, step out of my comfort zone and learn to be independent.

SEE is very welcoming and supportive to international students. English is used as a primary medium of instructions and a wide range of scholarships and internship opportunities are provided by SEE. As I became close friends with people from India, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, I got to know more about how they think, and what they have gone through in environmental protection. I believe it is a great treasure to study environmental science and engineering in such an international setting. As I always believe, we all share the natural resources of this planet and it is the concerted efforts from all countries that the global environmental problems could be alleviated.

After finishing my undergraduate study, I plan to research more on environmental engineering in the graduate school. I aspire to conduct research to develop innovative technologies and urban infrastructures that will reduce pollution and avert climate change. I hope my researches will actively involve people from different fields in protecting the environment and improve environmental conditions in various social aspects. I look forward to fully utilize my interdisciplinary skills and global mindset I have learnt from SEE to fight against climate change!