As an Engineer, as a Fencer
Yuen Ching Nicola MAU
Bachelor of Engineering in Energy Science & Engineering (Class of 2017)
Engineer Fencer Allied Environmental Consultants

During my university life, I was actively engaged in fencing as a student athlete. Being a member of the Hong Kong Fencing Team, I took a gap year in 2018 after graduation to represent Hong Kong in different international or regional competitions. I recalled overseas training and competitions were sometimes frequent during my undergraduate studies. I was very fortunate to have the support and advice from professors along the way in perusing my dreams in fencing and engineering. SEE's professors were always willing to coach and advise me. I am now working as an Assistant Environmental Consultant in Allied Environmental Consultants, handling projects related to green building certification such as BEAM Plus and LEED. The sportsmanship that I have learnt over the years, and the professional training I have received from SEE have paved the way to jump start my professional career. SEE is undoubtedly an ideal place for young talents to become all-round energy and environmental engineers.