City University of Hong Kong

Teaching Equipment List

Major Equipment
Bioreactor (Biostat B-Twin) 
Dye Solar Cell Kit (Solaronix)
E-Gel imager
Fluid mechanic teaching unit (Armfield)
Fluorescene spectrometer (Shimadzu 5301)
FTIR spectrometer (Shimadzu FTIR Iraffrinity-1)
Fuel Cell teaching kit (Spectronik)
Gas chromatography (Shimadzu GC 2010 plus)
Gas Chromatography (Shimadzu GCMS QP2010 Ultra)
Gaseous mass transfer and diffusion coefficient unit (Edibon)
Gasorption (Micromeritics 2720) 
Heat exchanger service unit (Armfield)
High pressure liquid chromatography (Waters HPLC 2998 with PDA and RI detector)
Ion Chromatography (Dionex IC 1100)
Langmuir Blodgett trough (KSV)
Luminance Meter (Konica Minolta LS-110)
Luxmeter (Konica Minolta T-10A)
Monochromator with light source (Newport)
Optic experiment kit with S.S. breadboard (LAMBDA scientific LEOK-3)
PAH Monitor (Ecochem PAS2000)
POM Portable Ozone Monitor (2BTech)
Potentiostat (CHI Potentiostat 660E & 1040C)
Power analyzer (TES-3600)
q-PCR system (ABI) 
Rotating disc electrode (ALS RDE-3A)
Sampling pump with impactors (SKC)
Solar hydrogen Fuel Cell teaching kit with Methanol fuel cell teaching kit (Heliocentris)
Solar panel, blow fan renewable energy teaching kit
Tensiometer (Sigma force 701)
Thermo nanodrop spectrometer (ND2000)
Thermocycler (ABI)
Total organic carbon analyzer (Shimadzu TOC LCSH)
UV-Vis spectrometer (Shimadzu UV-Vis 3600)
Vapour compression refrigeration unit (Armfield)
Supporting equipment
Analytical balance
Benchtop centrifuge
Biosafety Cabinet
Circulating Bath
Drying oven
freezer dryer
Heating mantle 100ml
High Speed centrifuge 
Mass flow controller 
Melting point apparatus
Microscope with DC
Milli-Q water system
Muffle Furnace 
pH/conductivity meter 
pH/DO meter 
power supply
Shaking incubator 
Shaking water bath
Sparkfree fridge and freezer
Stirrer hot plate
Tube furnace
ULT freezer
Ultrasonic bath